Who Is DashieXP’s Girlfriend? Real Name And Net Worth In 2022

DashieXP is a YouTuber and musician known for his funny videos on his Youtube channel.

He has two Youtube channels and is more active on his channel, Dashie Games, than on his DashieXP.

In Dashie Games, his content is more based on gameplay, and he has played various games on this Youtube channel, while in DashieXP, he makes funny videos or song content on the channel.

Quick Facts About DashieXP

Real Name Charlie Guzman
Known Name DashieXP
Date of Birth June 11, 1985
Birthplace Dominican Republic
Age 37
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth $2 million
YouTube  channel Dashie Games and DashieXP

Who Is DashieXP’s Girlfriend?

DashieXP has not talked much about his relationship status with his fans and subscribers.

He seems to be single at the moment. But the rumors of him having a girlfriend did arise when one of his fans noticed something regarding his vlog video of Japan in 2017. The person talked about his speculations of DashieXP having a girlfriend in one of the Reddit posts.

He stated that he noticed some things after watching his Japan Vlog from 2017 for the first time. He shared that he feels unreal that in the entire career of DashieXP, he has not dated anyone. The Reddit user shared that when he looked at the vlog video, he heard a female voice very close to the camera laughing at his statement about the food.

He was also seen laughing in response. In the video, youtube didn’t raise the camera in front of him, did not do a 360-degree shot, and showed no sudden movements to the side of him in the whole video.

So, the user speculated that he might have a girl and took her to Japan and has been hiding the fact that he has a girlfriend. Similarly, there was also assumed that since his girlfriend didn’t want to be in the limelight, she was kept out of the eyes of the media.

DashieXP’s relationship status

The Youtuber has not been open to the public about his dating history and relationship status.

He has not shared much about his personal life with his subscribers and fans. DashieXP once shared a video, Meet my new girlfriend on his Youtube channel, Dashiegames.

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People thought he had revelead his partner, but it was just the title for one of the gameplay videos in which he played Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise.

So, he is yet to spill the tea regarding his relationship status with his fans and subscribers.

What Is DashieXP’s Real Name?

DashieXP’s real name is Charlie Guzman.

He is 37 years old and was born on June 11, 1985. He was born in Dominica, but his family moved to Florida when he was eight.

But some of his family members are still living in Dominica. He got his education in the United States of America.

Before beginning his journey with Youtube, he worked in Florida Walmart and later took to comedy on Worldstar.

Who Are DashieXP’s Parents?

DashieXP has not shared much about his parents, but they are Dominican. He once shared with the public that his mom was hospitalized, but after that, he has not shared not any details about it.

He has not shared much about his mom, dad, and siblings. He has Dominican background and can speak Spanish and English well. The YouTuber lives in Florida with his four-pawed friend Chihuahua named BB.

Charlie lived in an apartment in Coral Springs, Florida, but moved to a new house in California in March 2016. He again moved back to Florida to another house in June 2018.

His shift is believed to be because he always yelled and screamed in his apartment, due to which the neighbors complained about the noises. Charlie also has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) due to a short attention span.

DashieXP’s YouTube career

DashieXP began his Youtube career in 2010 by opening his Youtube channel DashieXP in which he uploaded comedic skits and funny videos.

His first video on the channel was DashieXP – How To Sit Down, uploaded on March 17, 2010, and it has garnered 1.2 million views.

His most popular video on the channel is Spongebobby sweatpants (ghetto SpongeBob), uploaded on July 22, 2014, as it has got 11 million.

The Youtuber released a diss track about Pennywise, the main antagonist of the movie It, on the channel in 2017.


The Youtuber has more than two Youtube channels. He opened his second Youtube channel, DashieXP2, on June 25, 2010. He began uploading in DashieXP2 on June 28, 2010, mainly containing vlogs and bloopers content.

His first video on the channel is Dashie VS. Jason 2 – Bloopers/Deleted Scenes, and it has got 145k views in it.

Youtuber’s most popular video on the channel is Cooking With Dashie!: Chicken Breast & Veggies! It was uploaded on October 6, 2012, and got 3 million views.

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Charlie opened his third Youtube channel, DashieGames, on September 14, 2011, and has about 6.34 million subscribers.

DashieGames contains video game play content, and he uploaded his first video, DG – Island Tease, on September 22, 2011. The most popular video on this Youtube channel is SO MANY FAILS!! GTAV (CHAOS) was uploaded on November 7, 2013, and the video has gained 10 million views.

In this channel, he is seen playing games like Mega Man, Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario 64, Batman: Arkham series, Mario Kart 64, Castlevania, and many more.

DashieXP ‘s Net Worth In 2022

DashieXP’s net worth is approximately $2 million.

He has amassed millions of dollars worth of net worth from his profession as a YouTuber. Charlie also collaborated with notable people like T-Pindell and the famous rapper Logic.

He earns money from the views he receives on his Youtube channel and similarly from the ad revenue from his Youtube channel.

He also earns from the collaboration and partnership on his Youtube channel.

Income from YouTube

According to the social blade, he earns thousands of dollars from each Youtube channel.

He earns about $243  –  $3900 monthly from his Youtube channel, DashieXP, while he makes back $82  –  $1300 monthly from his Youtube channel, DashieXP2.

Similarly, he earns about $5700  –  $90900 from the DashieGame Youtube channel. So he is making well from his YouTube channel.

He has 6.34 million subscribers on his DashieGame Youtube channel, while he has 2.79 million subscribers on DashieXP. Similarly, he has DashieXP2 has got about 1.22 million subscribers.

The YouTuber is seen more active on his Youtube channel, DashieGame, and uploads daily or weekly.

Earning from DashieXP YouTube channel

Yearly Earnings $2.9K  –  $46,000
Monthly Earnings $243  –  $3900
Weekly Earnings $57  –  $907
Daily Earnings $8  –  $130

Earning from DashieXP2 Youtube channel

Yearly Earnings $978  –  $15,000
Monthly Earnings $82  –  $1300
Weekly Earnings $19  –  $304
Daily Earnings $3  –  $43

Earning from DashieGame Youtube channel

Yearly Earnings $68,000  –  $1.1M
Monthly Earnings $5700  –  $90,000
Weekly Earnings $1300  –  $21,000
Daily Earnings $189  –  $3,000

Some FAQs

How Old Is DashieXP?

DashieXP is 37 years old.

Does DashieXP Have A Girlfriend?

DashieXP doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend at the moment.

What Is DashieXP Allergic To?

DashieXP is allergic to bees.