Who Is Daisy Maskell? Learn Everything About The New BBC ‘Insomnia And Me’ Documentary Star

Daisy Maskell is a breakfast show host who currently hosts the KISS FM breakfast show alongside partner Tom Green. 

Daisy has been in the media coverage recently after the BBC documentary showcasing her insomnia battles has gone viral. The documentary, Daisy Maskell: Insomnia and Me show how the young lady has fought against Insomnia since a very young age.

Furthermore, she has got a pretty big fan following on the FM which also applies to her social media. Likewise, she also does part-time modeling photoshoots which add up to her popularity.

Here is everything available to know about Daisy Maskell.

Daisy Maskell Wikipedia Bio

Well, Daisy Maskell doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to date, despite her popularity.

However, you will find more about her in this article and there are few other articles about her on the internet as well. After the release of her documentary, more information about her has been revealed to the public.

How Old Is Daisy Maskell?

Talking about her age, Daisy Maskell is only 23 years old as of now.

Daisy was born on October 18, 1997, in the United Kingdom. Even though there is not much information about her childhood, it appears she has had a pretty hard childhood.

It is because Maskell was suffering from insomnia since she was only 9 years old. It was diagnosed at the age of 9 years but she might have had early symptoms around the age of 8.

Likewise, she has also explained the daily struggles that she had to face because of Insomnia.

Daisy Maskell Parents

Even though Daisy Maskell has revealed the separation of her parents in her documentary, their identities are not known.

Thus, we only know that her parents are not together and have divorced. Apart from that bit of information, nothing regarding her family has been disclosed to date.

She is quite secretive about her personal life and family matters.

Daisy Maskell Relationship Status

Apparently, Daisy Maskell doesn’t seem to have a partner as she is not dating anyone, at least to outsiders.

Regardless, there is no record of her love life or relationship status to this date as she has not revealed anything about her private matters.

What Is Daisy Maskell’s Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Daisy Maskell’s conclusive net worth details have not been confirmed.

Regardless, we can expect her to have at least a couple of hundred thousand. It is because she is involved in modelling as well as is a popular host in an FM.

Likewise, she might have also earned a decent amount of money from her documentary Daisy Maskell: Insomnia and Me.