FROM Epix: Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks Age And Wikipedia- Who Are Her Parents?

FROM actress Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks is a Filipino- Canadian in her late 20s or early 30s.

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Growing up in Edmonton, she had dreams of being on stage. She put her vision into motion after she enrolled in National Theatre School. 

The institution aided her quest to develop new age plays as she has credits in Other Mythological Creatures, Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Hello Again, to name a few.

Later, she expanded her resume to work as a playwright, producer, educator, and choreographer.

Is Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks Seeing Anyone- Boyfriend Revealed

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks is in a long-term relationship with her partner of many years, Cameron Kneteman.

Although his occupation remains mysterious, he is vocal about his adoration for his lady love.

They also have yet to become parents but house an adorable black puppy

Who Is Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks- Meet Her On Instagram

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks Net Worth Explored- What Does She Do?

As of 2022, the net worth of Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks is still under evaluation, but we estimate it to be in the hundred thousand.

Her IMDb page suggests that she started her journey on the big screen with the career-defining role in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: San Francisco.

Among her nine acting credits, she has played the part of Lulu in Barbelle, Lucia Cruz in Hudson & Rex, Remi in Remi, and Erin in In the Dark.

She has remained relatively easygoing with her projects as she is only working on the TV series From this year.