Cristiano Amon Wikipedia

Despite being the CEO and President of such a multinational company, Cristiano Amon is yet to get a feature on Wikipedia. However, Qualcomm Incorporated has its own space on Wikipedia, and some traces of information about the CEO is available there.

Similarly, the website of Qualcomm also has a small biography and career background about him.

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Numerous sites on the Internet speak about him. Nevertheless, surely and shortly, he will get a feature on Wikipedia too.

Salary And Net Worth

Cristiano Amon receives a hefty remuneration of $14,610,151 as the President at Qualcomm Incorporated in2020. His compensation includes a salary in cash of $4,500,022. Similarly, Equity handed him $10,000,248, and $109,881 was approached as Pension and other forms of remuneration.

As in 2021, he is standing over the massive net worth of $55 Million.

Since his career is actively proceeding, there is more than enough room to grow his net worth.

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Is He Married?

Although Cristiano has not talked much about his marital status, he is a married man. Cristiano has not revealed the identity of his wife.

He never talks or posts about her on his social media accounts. Similarly, there are not so many pictures of her on the Internet.

We will deliver the related particulars soon after we lay our hands on it.

Wife And Children On Instagram

Since there is no information about his wife, let us jump off to her daughter. Cristiano has a beautiful daughter, approximately 15 to 16 years old. 

He once posted her picture on Twitter and wrote ‘Dad & Daughter Saturday. Heading to LA for a football game and college campus visit. Why do kids grow up so fast?’

Unfortunately, neither of his daughter or wife are inaccessible on any social media accounts.