Who Is Coco Briscoe? Crystal Was Arrested For Making A TikTok

Coco Briscoe, the 39-year-old woman whose real name is Crystal Nicole Briscoe, has amassed a large following on TikTok due to the narratives she posts on the platform.

On TikTok, Coco discusses her experiences attempting to find love after moving to the Washington, DC, region relatively recently.

Coco Briscoe Arrested For Making TikTok

Briscoe has come to the limelight again after her recent videos on TikTok have sparked arguments.

In September 2021, Coco Briscoe was charged with violating a protection order amid a dispute with nearby businesses. That restraining order has since been revoked. Briscoe appeared in court for her indictment in the Arlington General District Court. Additionally, the judge listened to testimony regarding whether or not the Emergency Protective Order for 72 hours ought to be prolonged.

Coco Briscoe is under the light after a few videos alleging her endangering women and harassing children. Coco Briscoe has been making TikTok videos trying to explain how these allegations are all false, and she is the one who has been harassed by people for over a year now.

Coco has made an explanatory series of videos to answer questions about her harassment story and how she is being defamed. 

In her video, she explains how she went on a date with a guy. When Coco went for her date, it was not just the two; there was a whole group. Coco was not feeling very comfortable in the group because of the strange looks being given by a girl in the group.

She also mentions how everybody was slowly getting drunk on shots, and Coco and her date left because she did not want any uncomfortable situation to follow. Coco also said that she went to the bar with one of the people from the group whom she already knew. Outside the bar, the guy got aggressive with Coco, and she had to push him away physically. 

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After a series of events, Coco found out that there was a group chat where they shared Coco’s locations and said that they talked awful things about Coco. The people in the group chat seem to be following her around. 

Coco Briscoe went to the Police Department and told an officer how she was being harassed continuously by people sharing her locations and taking her videos without consent. The officer had only one solution for her – to delete her TikTok account. Coco was, however, not happy with the solution provided to her. When she found no other options, Coco went to her TikTok account and shared these details, asking for help.

One of the girls who was a part of the group chat immediately filed an emergency protective order restraining Coco from sharing her story on TikTok. Briscoe accepted the order before she got another protective order.

She then made yet another TikTok video since Coco believed it was right to share her story. She did not mention anybody’s full name, just the business’s name, urging women to avoid the place if they did not want to feel unsafe. After this video was posted, police officers came to Coco’s house, and she was arrested. 

Coco was in jail for about five hours before she was allowed to leave. She has been making videos narrating her side of the story. As per Coco, she is still getting the whole situation investigated and will soon be sharing this detail with her followers too. 

Coco is still talking about these events after a year because these unlawful events are still happening to her.

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Coco Briscoe Was In Custody Before

Coco was arrested in 2021 after a case was filed against her because of her TikTok video.

During the proceedings, the woman who requested the restraining order, Charlotte, who works at the Celtic House Irish Pub on Columbia Pike, gave testimony that she was “terrified” of Briscoe and her legion of dedicated followers on social media. Charlotte was the woman who filed the request for the restraining order.

According to Charlotte, Briscoe was a frequent patron at Celtic House; nonetheless, situations between her and the bartenders became strained throughout their relationship. Charlotte claimed that on one occasion, she and Briscoe ran into one other in Georgetown, and Briscoe pursued her while saying, “crazy bitch.” Charlotte noted that Briscoe followed her after the incident.

@cocobriscoe ♬ original sound – Coco Briscoe
@cocobriscoe ♬ original sound – Coco Briscoe

Claiming that the TikTok videos sparked a wave of slurs online caused her to escape her flat and send her son to live with his father. One of the bartenders has twice gone to the Arlington County General District Court and managed to secure protective orders forbidding Briscoe from mentioning her on social media. These orders prohibit Briscoe from referencing her in any way.

The protection order was, however, overturned by the judge, and two legal analysts argued that such restrictions on free expression contradict the United States Constitution.

Even though she has submitted her own police complaint, Briscoe might still be found guilty of a misdemeanor, in this case, demonstrating how disagreements over social media can spiral out of hand and into the realm of the First Amendment.