Who Is Clark Swanson Halo Beauty? Tati Westbrook Litigations & Wedding Ring Drama Explained

Tati Westbrook returned to YouTube after a year-long hiatus and she opened up about the legal drama and marriage-divorce controversy. 

Tati Westbrook is a beauty vlogger, entrepreneur, and makeup artist.  

She co-founded Help Beauty Inc. along with her husband James and business partner Clark Swanson in 2018. The beauty company sells makeup products and vitamin supplements. 

Further, Tati is a former image consultant. But, she later launched her YouTube channel on November 7, 2010, where she shared makeup and beauty ideas. 

She primarily focuses on makeup and beauty reviews, tips, and tutorials. Also, she launched a cosmetic line in 2019 called Tati Beauty. 

Halo: Who Is Clark Swanson?

Clark Swanson is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Halo Beauty Inc. 

He is a former president, CEO, and vice president at Blockcap Inc. 

Further, he was also an executive vice-chairman of Vilotos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Is Tati Westbrook Sued? Legal Drama Explained

Halo Beauty co-founder sued Tati Westbrook and her husband James Westbrook for $30 million in 2020. 

Clark accused them of breach of contract, gross negligence, and fraudulent inducement in connection to their vitamin line. 

Further, Clark claimed the company suffered from a financial loss of at least $25,000 due to Tati and her husband. 

He also alleged that the pair collaborated with other brands without his knowledge. This essentially violated their agreement that stated that all future cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance products should be launched under Halo Beauty. 

Tati and her husband have been in a legal battle with Clark for over a year. Besides, they even sold their house to afford the legal expenses. 

What Is Tati Westbrook Net Worth?

According to The Sun, Tati Westbrook’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. 

Tati reportedly earns around $1.3 million a year from YouTube and her company. 

The beauty vlogger has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, so there is no doubt that she generates sound income from her videos and beauty line. 

Tati Westbrook Wedding Ring Missing: Did She Divorce James?

Tati Westbrook made her comeback to YouTube on June 17. She took a time off from YouTube after the very public controversy with fellow YouTubers James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson. 

Although Westbrook’s fans are super psyched about her comeback, they could not help but notice that her wedding ring was missing from her finger. 

Fans were quick to jump to conclusion that Tati and her husband James Westbrook are perhaps divorced.

However, Tati clarified that she and James are not separated.

But, they did go through some serious problems in the last year.

The legal battle they were facing with Clark put a strain on their relationship to the point that she and James almost got a divorce. 

Tati and James got their own place and live separately for a while. During this time, Tati took off her wedding ring but the ring somehow got misplaced in a bag of jewelry that she donated. 

Meanwhile, Tati and James resolved their problems and got back together.