Who is Christopher Rufo Wife? Meet The Family


Christopher Rufo wife revealed. Get to know about Christopher in this article.

Christopher Rufo is a journalist, film director, and conservative activist. He is remarkably known as a contributing editor of City Journal and also the director of the Center on Wealth & Poverty at the Discovery Institute.

Christopher has directed three films for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)-“Age of Champions,” “Roughing It,” and “Diamond in the Dunes”-and been hailed by the New York Times for his “good eye for the unusual.”

Some Facts On Christopher Rufo

  1. Christopher Rufo and his wife Suphatra have 2 children in the family. Both are boys, and they make a sweet and adorable family.
  2. Christopher is vigorously active on Twitter. His official account has amassed more than 129k followers.
  3. Information regarding Christopher’s salary, earnings, and net worth is yet to be obtainable on the internet. We are looking forward to legitimate facts from trusted sites.
  4. Christopher is an opponent of critical race theory in governmental and publicly funded institutions. He refers it to a kind of “cult indoctrination,” incorporating concepts of race-based segregation and racial stereotyping.

Christopher Rufo Bio

Christopher Rufo Bio is conveniently within reach for all of us.

Christopher has his own website under the name It covers his bio and recent career updates.

Name Christopher Rufo
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Journalist and Film director
Married/Single Married
Wife Suphatra Rufo
Children 2 boys
Education Georgetown University
Twitter @realchrisrufo

Is Christopher Rufo On Wikipedia?

Christopher Rufo’s Wikipedia is available on the internet.

He is also featured on mainstream platforms like IMDb. As a director, he is credited for 4 documentary films for PBS.

Christopher Rufo Wife: Who is he Married to?

Christopher Rufo wife is Suphatra Rufo.

Suphatra Rufo is working at Amazon Web Services at the forefront of cloud innovation. She works in the database, analytics, and blockchain category and leads tech advocacy and customer storytelling efforts.

She has a Bachelors in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire and a Masters in Communication from Johns Hopkins University.