Who Is Charlie West? Meet The Britain’s Best Woodworker Contestant On Instagram

Charlie West, aged 31 is one of the contestants of Britain’s Best Woodworker. Let us get to know more about the TV star, her husband and her family background.

Charlie Woodworker is regarded as one of the best woodworkers in the United Kingdom. On Handmade, Britain’s Best Woodworker, she will face a variety of obstacles. She is also well-known in Hebden Bridge for her woodwork.

Charlie West Age

So, at the moment, Charlie is aged 31 years old. She also worked as a furniture maker in the Calder Valley for almost a decade.

Charlie Woodworker recently celebrated her 31st birthday. On her big day, she invited her closest friends, family members, and relatives.

Charlie West Wiki

Charlie Woodworker was born in 1990 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and grew up there. Her real name is Charlie West, but she prefers to go by the moniker Woodworker. In English, it also means free man.

In 2011, Charlie graduated from The University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture. Casting, mold-making, and ceramics were among her specialties. Through her research and experimentation, she has had an impact on her more function-based work today.

After years of traveling and working as a CAD Technician, Charlie began a furniture manufacturing apprenticeship at the age of 30. She finally finished it in 2020.

Charlie’s profession has centered around making end-grain veneers that are glued to birch ply for stability ever since. She then used it to make furniture and wall hangings.

The ply is apparent within Charlie’s furniture. The purpose is to demonstrate how different wood compositions work together to generate the final look, not to analyze the mechanics.

The end-grain is made using a technique known as book-matching, which is comparable to mirroring the image. Charlie’s work focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the wood while minimizing excessive human involvement.

Charlie has set up her woodworking shop in the Calder Valley, Yorkshire, where she lives after filming the episode. She formerly worked as a dog walker and a computer-aided designer.

Charlie West Husband And Family

As of now, Charlie Woodworker does not have a husband. Maybe she hasn’t found the right person to date yet. Meanwhile, she is apparently single since she is concentrating on her professional career.

She has not, however, shared any information about her family.

Is Charlie Woodworker Available on Instagram?

Charlie Woodworker is active on Instagram under the handle @charliewestworkshop.

She has 3.2 followers with total posts of 125.

In her bio, she presents herself as a furniture maker and artist from Hebden Bridge.