Who is Chantel Jeffries? Age, father, background, wealth, friend

Chantel Jeffries is a woman of many talents. Aside from being acclaimed as a DJ, she has made her way as a model, actress, musician and artist. She rose to fame on Instagram where she has a large following. However, she’s recently come under the spotlight for her alleged relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Justin Bieber. Learn more about the Insta Queen here…

Age and Ethnicity – Who is Chantel Jeffries?

Chantel Taleen Jeffries Shiring was born on September 30, 1992 in California. In terms of ethnicity, she has described her ancestry as Black French, Cherokee, Irish, and Italian. This means that she is of mixed heritage, streaking through African American, Caucasian and Native American.

Chantel Jeffries first gained popularity for herphotos and videos on Instagram, where she has amassed an impressive 4 million followers. A social media darling, she has dabbled in various aspects of show business. She is an actress and has had minor roles in two films including The Perfect Couple (2016) and A Family Weekend (2016).

Jeffries has also expanded her repertoire to DeeJaying. She loves music and had a huge music library. When friends threw a party, she was the go-to person for music. After a while, her friends (including popular DJ and music producer Diplo) encouraged her to take it up professionally. It’s a decision that has paid off as she has DJed at several notable events such as the Vanity Fair Oscars party, the Coachella music festival and legendary Las Vegas venues – Wet Republic and OMNIA.

In addition to playing the music of others, Chantel Jeffries also dabbles in her own music. She is currently signed to the 22:22 label and has released three singles, Wait (featuring Vory and Offset), Both Sides, and Better . The songs are a mix of dance and hip hop; they will be part of their first LP, Calculated Happiness . Besides music, Jeffries is also a model. She has been a brand ambassador for L’Oreal and Quay Australia, a leading fashion eyewear company.

your fortune

Chantel Jefferies net worth is still under verification and as such is not available at the moment. However, there is no doubt that she has made quite a tidy sum from her acting and modeling gigs. The California native is also at work right now and will soon be releasing her LP, as well as a book and jewelry line. This would certainly give a big boost to her fortune.

Chantel Jeffries’ dad

Chantel Jeffries grew up in a family of four consisting of her father, Colonel Edward Jeffries; mother Kathleen Jeffries as well as a younger brother. Her father was a senior Marine Corps officer, and as such, Jeffries lived the life of a regular Army brat, moving from one state to the other.

She attended middle school in Jacksonville and from there she moved to Virginia where she graduated from Massaponax High School. For her college education, Jeffries attended Florida International University, where she studied communication arts and fine arts. It is said that she graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

who is her boyfriend

Chantel Jeffries regularly makes headlines for her romantic relationships; She was reportedly expecting some familiar faces in Hollywood. However, it must be emphasized that she has never confirmed or denied these relationships. Some of the people she has reportedly dated include Logan Paul (popular YouTuber), Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama (actor), Kyrie Irving (professional basketball player), Jordan Clarkson (NBA player), Travis Scott (rapper), and Desean Jackson (NFL wide receiver) ) and Justin Combs (son of Sean Diddy Combs). Most recently, Jeffries was linked to singer The Weekend. However, there is no official confirmation. We can safely conclude that she is not currently publicly dating anyone.

In a relationship with Justin Bieber

Jeffries also reportedly dated Justin Bieber. In fact, she was in his car when he was pulled over by police for drag racing in January 2014. They had previously been spotted together at a nightclub. Bieber was later arrested and charged with multiple offenses including driving under the influence, speeding, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Although Jeffries was not given a criminal account of the incident, many news outlets dug into her background and uncovered her past records. They reported that she was arrested in 2011 for stabbing another girl in the arm. The charges were dropped after she agreed to pay the court costs. However, the California native denied the allegations, stating that nothing of the sort ever happened.