Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray? Hialeah Middle teacher Arrested For Lewd Battery And Felony Against A Teen Boy

Brittiny Lopez-Murray, a teacher from Hialeah, Florida, is arrested for charges of sexual intercourse with a minor. People are curious about her age and husband. 

Recently, a lot of sexual harassment and misconduct cases including teachers and educational institutions are coming ahead.

Just recently, a student was paid 6 million dollars by sexually harassed by a Palmetto High creative writing teacher and another male teacher was arrested for misbehaving with a young girl.

Amid this, another young teacher from Hialeah, Florida is currently all over the media, for having sexual relations with a 14-year-old former student of her.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray is the teacher who is accused of statutory rape of a teenager whose identity is not made public yet.

With this case currently trending on the web and media, people are getting eager to find out what exactly happened and how this case got its clarity.

Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray From Hialeah? Is She Arrested?

Brittiny Lopez-Murray from Hialeah, Florida, is an American teacher who has been actively teaching middle school children for over 4 years now.

Named as the “rookie teacher of the year” in 2017, Brittiny started teaching in the year 2017 and it was her first teaching experience.

A few years ago, in the starting days of her teaching, she had a young student who she taught.

Then, her former student started his high school journey, when he again met his former teacher, because they were at the same school.

One day, after a weirdly different behavior from the 14-year-old boy, his sister had a look at his phone.

There, she saw multiple messages and talks about the sexual interaction between the teenage boy and a teacher, who is Brittiny Lopez-Murray.

When the boy’s father saw the messages, he saw Brittiny sending images of her genitals and private parts to the boy.

Hence, she was reported and then arrested; she was kept at the Miami-Dade jail on Monday, and further prosecution will take place soon.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray Age: How Old Is The Teacher?

The age of the young teacher Brittiny Lopez-Murray is about 31 years old.

However, her precise date of birth or related matters is not provided yet. We have extracted her age from several other official authorities.

Moreover, she became a teacher when she was about 26 years old and is working since then.

Meet Brittiny Lopez-Murray Husband And Family

Brittiny Lopez-Murray is a married woman, so she sure does have a husband.

However, there is no detailed information regarding him on the web yet. We do know that Brittiny is married for about 5 years since she got married in the year 2016.

But nothing about her partner or any other potential family members is revealed yet. Well, whoever is in her immediate family probably lives with her in Hialeah.

Soon, more information about this case, and her personal life will be revealed, so stick with us for finding out more details.

Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray On Facebook?

We have not found a personal account or handle of the teacher Brittiny Lopez-Murray on Facebook yet.

And, since the information is very new, there are no sources on Facebook that have provided information about her case either.

However, there are a few other social handles like where people have posted about her case of sexual misconduct.