Who Is Brian Brown Easley? Untold Truth About The Marine War Veteran At Breaking Movie

Brian Brown Easley, a Marine war veteran, inspired John Boyega’s new film, 892, also known as Breaking.

Based on his true experiences with Easley, the film explores the veteran’s mental and emotional struggles as he attempts to reintegrate into civilian life.

So, let us dive into the marine veteran’s life, his true narrative as an American Marine, his age when he began his service, and his death.

Quick Facts To Know About Brian Brown Easley

Full Name Brian Brown Easley
Date Of Birth 1983
Place Of Birth Williamstown, New Jersey, United States
Age( When He Died) 33 years old
Date Of Death 2017
Profession Lance Corporal/ Navy Officer
Religion Christianity

Who Is Brian Brown Easley?

Brian Brown Easley served as a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps before retiring in 2005. The veteran served as a supply clerk in Kuwait and Iraq as a member of the Marine Corps.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in 2005, he went to Georgia to live with his mother, where the war had left him with mental illness and long-term back pain. ired. The veteran served in the Marine Corps as a supply clerk in Kuwait and Iraq.

Brian met his wife at a local Walmart and married her, and they eventually had a kid together.

Despite his important contribution to the country, the government only provided him with a meager monthly disability payment the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Easley attempted to rob a bank and was shot by a police officer after his desperation from his bad economic situation and mental health took a toll on him with no one to rely on.

In August of 2022, a new film based on the life experience of Brian Brown Easley as a veteran Marine that brought him to the state of robbing a bank and dying in the process will be released.

Real Story About What Happened To The American Marine?

Brian Brown Easley was a former Marine from the United States who attempted to rob a well-known bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Brown had nothing except mental damage from his service when he retired as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.

The veteran Marine returned to his hometown suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness but lacked the money to receive the necessary medical care.

To add to his desperation, the country he served in did significantly less to nothing for the aftercare of combat veterans. Feeling abandoned and desperate, he attempted to rob one of the largest banks, Wells Fargo Bank.

With the hope of obtaining something from the Atlanta bank, he calmly pretended to be equipped with explosives and asked for money.

When the police officer entered the bank and shot Brown dead in his desperate bid for a better life, Brown did not threaten or fear any of the staff but instead tried to explain his plight.

Brian Brown Easley Age – How Old Is He?

Brian Brown Easley was 33 years old when he was shot to death while attempting to rob a bank to escape the risk of homelessness.

Easley withdrew from the American Marine Corps as a former Lance Corporal at the age of 21, having served in Iraq and Kuwait.

He reached his breaking point in 2017 after suffering from severe mental illness and coming dangerously near to destitution; he attempted to rob a bank and was shot by police.