Who Is BreeAnn Hammond? Fred Hammond’s Daughter Is Also A Singer

BreeAnn Hammond is the daughter of Fred Hammond, one of the legends of the Gospel Music Industry.

BreenAnn Hammond considers herself an inborn singer. Besides singing, she has been interested in modeling and acting from a very early age. Her Father, Fredrick William Hammond, was born on 27 December 1960 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and is a viral gospel singer.

In addition, Fred is also a record producer and the founder and CEO of Face to Face Productions. Moreover, he is also the founder of his record label, Hammond Family Entertainment. BreeAnn Hammond’s upbringing in a family devoted to music and entertainment gave her significant exposure to the music industry and modeling world

She is one of two children between Fred and his former wife, Kim. The gospel singer is a divorcee after breaking up the marriage of eighteen years with the mother of his children.

BreenAnn is following in her Father’s footsteps, whom she loves dearly. She often shares the same stage as her Father during various performances. The father-daughter has a beautiful bond, and they keep sharing each other’s pictures on Instagram. The gospel singer often talks about his daughter and promotes her singing too. has also covered the story of gospel singer Todd Dulaney.

BreeAnn Quick Facts

Full name BreeAnn Hammond
Place of Birth Texas, United States
Age 30-35
Profession Singer, songwriter, and an Entrepreneur
Instagram @breeannhammond
Facebook BreeAnn Hammond
Twitter @let_bree
Net worth less than $1 Million

BreeAnn Hammond Age and Wiki: Fred Hammond Daughter

The daughter of Fred Hammond, BreeAnn Hammond, is around 30-35 years old.

BreeAnn has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a famous singer. She is already successful in her career and excelling in the musical journey. She also has experienced modeling with different modeling agencies. So far, her career growth seems pretty unique and wonderful.

The singer made her first magazine debut as the cover girl in 2016. Her story was featured on Nouveau Exposure under the Headline “BreeAnn Hammond, Daughter of Fred Hammond: Life as a legend’s Daughter.” She was excited about her cover and shared it on Instagram, expressing her happiness and gratefulness for everything.

Who Is BreeAnn Hammond Married To? Husband and Relationship

BreeAnn Hammond is married to Timothy Thompson.

On March 2020, BreeAnn Hammond, through her personal Facebook account, shared that she got married twice to her divorced husband once again.

She wrote on her account that she had legally divorced her husband, Timothy Thompson, on September 2016. They were married back on May 2013. They got divorced after three years.

However, they fought for love and reconciled on December 2018. “My earthly King chose me twice. Not because I am so good, because he is,” she stated. Moreover, she also expressed how grateful she feels for getting a second chance with her best friend.

Mother of BreeAnn Hammond

BreeAnn Hammond’s mother is Kim Hammond, and her father is Fred Hammond.

Her parents got divorced when she was just a kid. Fred and Kim were married for 18 years and divorced after a long time together. The separation was very unusual and surprising for everyone. When asked about his broken marriage, Fred says that after the breakup, he was not interested in getting married again; however, now he looks forward to starting a new family again.

There were rumors of the gospel singer dating Joann Rosario Condrey because they were often seen traveling together for recording albums and doing shows. However, Cory Condrey got married in 2008, and the rumors ended. There were also rumors about him dating Ericka Warren. However, it has not been confirmed.

BreeAnn Hammond’s Relationship With Her Mom

Despite her parents’ divorce, BreeAnn has an excellent relationship with both of them. She shares a beautiful bond with Kim. On July 11, 2022, she shared her graduation picture with her mom and wrote a lovely caption dedicated to her.

She mentioned that her mother had been her forever best friend since day one. Moreover, she also stated that her mother has been loving her relentlessly even when she acts dumb and idiot. She believes that she would be good even if she becomes at least half of the woman her mother is. The singer also feels grateful that their mother allowed her to have open and transparent relationships.

BreeAnn is active on Instagram

BreeAnn Hammond is active on Instagram under the username called @breeannhammond.

The singer and songwriter have 7,295 followers on her official Instagram account. She has posted thirty posts, most of which are dedicated to her music life. Moreover, she usually dispatches about her father, Fred, and his music. Moreover, BreeAnn has also mentioned in her bio that she is Living Real to lead people to a real god. She has stated that she is not only a songwriter and a singer but also a Tv personality and an Entrepreneur. Hammond shared a lovely image of her performing with her father on the festival of praise tour.

In addition, BreeAnn was caught on camera singing a beautiful song with the gospel singer during the father-daughter visit to the GetUp Morning show. Fred shared the original picture on his social media, and through the image, we can assume that both of them share a very close bond.

The singer keeps her fans and followers excited and curious by posting many cute moments with her father. A few years before, she shared a photo on Instagram that showed Fred putting his hand around her while posing for the camera. The multi-award-winning gospel singer seems proud of his daughter journeying into the gospel world under his guidance.

BreeAnn Hammond is also an entrepreneur

Many people may not know, including BreeAnn’s fans, that she is an entrepreneur and a successful one.

You can visit her LinkedIn account, where she has shared her profile as an entrepreneur under the name BreeAnn Hammond. She is a Real Estate Investor based in Dallas, Texas, United States.

We can learn more about her corporate life from her description. She is an account executive, a dynamic communicator, a creative thinker, and an innovative person. Moreover, she has also mentioned that she has a strong passion for the Real Estate Business and people.

She specializes in customer service experience. Moreover, she helps investors and clients grow their real estate businesses. She also has experience with B2B and B2C sales. BreeAnn completed her Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2013. Moreover, she has done her doctorate in law from Texas Southern University.

BreeAnn also hosts Podcasts

BreeAnn Hammond also hosts Podcasts under the name “Let’s Talk with Bree” and has her Twitter profile under the same name.

Her last podcast was shared in 2020, meaning she has not been active for a while. The latest podcast she has created is with Dr. Paula, a caregiver. It tells the story of the doctor losing her parents to dementia-related diseases.

The main objective of her podcast was to mitigate the covid related issues by voicing up for the caregivers and caring during the pandemic. Through the podcasts, she created awareness among people regarding health care and donations for the victims during the pandemic.

BreeAnn was also seen speaking with Joy D. Calloway about coping with her parents’ demise within six months, fighting to stay mentally strong, and helping other people fight too. The podcasts she shared during the pandemic worked as a light of hope for people dealing with the COVID craziness.

Some FAQs

Who is the father of BreeAnn Hammond?

BreeAnn Hammond’s father is the great Gospel Singer Fred Hammond

Is BreeAnn Hammond an entrepreneur?

BreeAnn Hammond works in the Real Estate Business besides being a singer and a songwriter

Is BreeAnn Hammond Married?

BreeAnn Hammond has had two marriages with her husband, she got reunited with him after the divorce