Who is Beena Patel? Daughter, Height, Relationship with Hasan Minhaj

Our personality of interest today is that of a woman who got stuck in the spotlight because of the success of her husband’s career. Beena Patel is the wife of famous comedian, writer, political commentator and TV host, Hasan Minhaj. He is a senior correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and has been there since November 2014.

He had many tongues wagging after his burning speech delivered at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April 2017, where he was featured as a keynote speaker. Dinner is known to usually feature a lot of political roasting. Given President Trump’s reputation, Hasan delivered a fiery speech that became one of the highlights of his career.

Since then, people have been eager to feast on the details of Hasan Minhaj’s personal life, especially his married life. So eyes are always quick to feed on Beena Patel whenever she’s spotted. Let’s not waste time digging into this woman’s personality.

Who is Beena Patel?

Beena Patel may be the wife of a man in the spotlight, but she hasn’t let the public’s desire to know the details of her personal life undermine her desire to keep her personal life as low-key as possible. . Beena is known to be a very secretive person. She’s not one of those celebrity wives who show off their flamboyant lives on social media. Chances are she can be seen on Hasan’s social media pages.

Beena’s extremely secretive nature has To keep the identity of her parents and siblings a secret, Hasan revealed that Beena is from a Hindu family. Her appearance clearly screams that she has Indian heritage like Hasan.

Nothing is known yet about her age, hobbies and personal vision of her husband’s career. One can only hope that such information slips.

This wife of Hasan Minhaj is not just a pretty face. She is a very educated woman. She received a doctorate in medical administration from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2013 and is involved in nonprofit organizations. She works as a management consultant for MedAmerica.

Beena Patel is a member of CEP America, which is an integrated team of emergency physicians, hospital medicine, anesthesiology, urgent care, and post-acute care physicians committed to caring for patients with medical conditions. acute. Her biography on the CEPAmerica site presents her as a person who can do no wrong. He emphasizes that his goal is to improve the quality of care and services through patient-centred innovations. She is also described as an active researcher and whose work is dedicated to giving a voice to the nation’s heroes who find themselves homeless. That’s pretty impressive of Beena, don’t you think?

Beena’s daughter and her relationship with Hasan Minhaj

April 22, 2018 saw the birth of Beena and Hasan’s first child, a baby girl. A photo of the baby was shared via Instagram. Given Beena’s secretive nature, it’s no surprise that the baby’s name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Although Beena Patel is Hindu, Hasan is Muslim. It’s not an easy religious combination for a married couple. It shows how much she must really love him. The couple first met at the University of California, Davis. They tied the knot in 2014. Hasan revealed he was single with pictures of Scarface at his home before he met her. He also mentioned his newfound love for scented candles because of her. Isn’t he a lucky guy? The duo honored the path of tradition by getting married before moving in together. They live in New York.

Height, weight, body features and measurements

There is no solid information regarding what Beena Patel’s exact height, weight and other body measurements are. But, it can be said that standing next to her 6ft hubby, she is of average height. Beena’s exotic look clearly matches that of a person of Indian descent. She has dark skin and is very curvy. It cannot be denied that she possesses the irrefutable beauty that has long been associated with Indian women.