Who Is Baby On Masked Singer Australia? Top Guesses And Clues Of The Identity

Fans of the show The Masked Singer are on a witch hunt to uncover the celebrity hiding under the name Baby.

The Masked Singer Australia is a spin-off of the Korean music franchise of the same name. The show centers around contestants (usually a celebrity) who wear a mask to conceal their identity. This is to prevent any bias towards the contestant and judging them based only on their voice.

This format has attracted detectives from all over the internet verse to uncover hidden identities.

Season three contestant Baby is getting hype from Twitter users for their extremely secretive identity.

Who Is Baby On Masked Singer? Details About Her Latest Performance

The Masked Singer has turned its viewers to detectives by keeping their singers hidden under masks. Baby is one such contestant from the third season of the show.

She displays an abnormally large head with white onesie and animal ears. The contestant has small tuff of blond hair and states that innocence is her strength.

In week 2, she awed the audience whether her rendition of Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Her exceptional singing made her win the round. In the 4th weak, she performed Me Too by Meghan Trainer which qualified her for the next round.

Baby From The Masked SInger: Top Guesses Revealed

To keep the mystery going, showrunners provide statements by the hidden singers. The statements contain hidden clues about who the person under the mask is.

When it was Baby’s turn she said that “I never want o to grow up so I can keep doing what a baby does” and “I’m a Baby and I don’t ever want to grow up! I love flowers, I’ve been around them all my life. I’m a baby, so I’m short but not short for anything in particular”.

The Sherlocks from Twitter has already given us a list of names that are qualified to be Baby.

The top guess is a tie between Ella Hooper and Charlette Crosby. They both are in Australia and share voices similar to Baby.

Maree Lowes, Candy Moll, and Natalie Bassingthwaighte are honorable mentions.

Charlotte Crosby: Is She Baby From The Masked SInger?

Charlotte Crosby is a 31-year-old TV personality noble for her appearance on Geordie Shore. The British lady has appeared in Big brother, Celebes Go Darting, and Just Tattoo of Us during the 2010s

She shocked fans in April of this year when she revealed her melodic voice. Now, viewers think that her voice is the same as Baby.