Who Is Astrud Aurelia? Everything About The Cast Of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 4

Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’s cast member Astrud Aurelia, a drag performer in the fourth season of the show, apparently be at the age between 20-25. Let’s gather each and every information about her below.

Astrud Aurelia is a TV reality show, known as the cast member of Dracula Season 4.

Prior to that, the cast member was the winner of Dragula World 2018: Dragula as recorded on Reddit.

Astrud Elizabeth Aurelia is her drag name whereas his real name is Marcus Leatham.

Astrud Aurelia Age-How Old Is He?

According to RaceWiki, Astrud Aurelia is currently at the age of 24, in the mid-’20s.

The contestant was born on November 4, 1996, and raised in Phoenix, AZ, USA. She is a Brazilian American by ethnicity and American by nationality.

The 24 years old artist is a performer for most of her life with a background in theatre, music, dance, and many more. The performer knows how to play all the musical instruments and match with the melody.

The performer must be trained from childhood for being a perfectionist on a musical instrument. At a very young age, she was exposed to various types of art and felt the need to indulge in as many genres and media.

Astrud Aurelia Wikipedia Bio

Astrud Aurelia, the contestant of Dragula, is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Though, the contestant has been featured on Drage Race Wiki. He is a drag performer who pronounces himself as she/her in drag and he/him out of drag.

Dragula is a TV reality show in which different sets of eleven drag artists from the world challenge each other to compete in an underground-style drag competition.

This show is hosted and produced by Boulet Brothers which is aired on Youtube and Netflix in the United States, Amazon Prime in U.K and Australia, and OUTtv in Canada. She is the first Brazilian descent contestant in the show.

Astrud Aurelia Job: Her Net worth

Currently, Astrud Aurelia’s job is as a TV reality personality, participants in the show called Dragula.

She started doing drag in 2017 and loved the uniqueness of this art. Further, she is a musician and music lover by heart.

She is a real performer who not only dances but also plays lots of instruments like drums, piano, violin. up right and electric bass. The contestant was the winner of  “Drag Queen of the Year” and Dragula World Pageant in 2018.

The performer might have probably millions of net worth and most of her earning are from drag performances, brand endorsement, Youtube changes, and many more.

Astrud Aurelia Boyfriend: Is She Single?

Astrud Aurelia is probably in a relationship with her unknown boyfriend.

According to Dragracewiki, the performer exposed his gender to be genderqueer, a combination of male and female genders. He uses she/her in drag and he/him out of drag.

As she is a genderqueer, she might have a boyfriend but information regarding his boyfriend is unknown. Her appearance and bold nature show she is not single.

Probably, her boyfriend is supportive of what she does.