Who Is Apolo Ohno’s Fiance Soon To Be Wife, Bianca Stam? All We Know About His Love Life

Apolo Anton Ohno, an American retired short track speed skating competitor, and eight-time Winter Olympic champion and actress Bianca Stam are engaged to be married soon.

Similarly, His father capitalized on his passion for skating when he was 13 years old, forcing him to compete in short track tournaments in the United States and Canada.

Ohno began his career in 1996 after receiving formal training and has worked in this industry for over 15 years. In 2019, Ohno was welcomed into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame as the most decorated American at the Winter Olympics.

Not only that, but He is also a New York Times best-selling author and Minute To Win It Forever host.

Who Is Apolo Ohno’s Fiance Soon To Be Wife Bianca Stam?

Apolo Ohno’s fiance, Bianca, was born in Chicago and worked as a model, actor, and producer.

Her acting credits include The Dark Souls, Chasing the Dragon, and Deviants, to name a few. She also worked for OCTB Elizabeth and French Connection as a producer.

Bianca works primarily as an actress and model in Hong Kong. She is a Millikin University graduate with experience in the media field and was born in Chicago.

Stam is a well-known name in eastern films, just like her partner is. She was the producer of the documentary ‘The Beauty Machine,’ which focused on Asian women working in the film industry.

Not only that, Bianca works in the restaurant industry in addition to acting, as her Instagram profile suggests.

Is Apolo Ohno Married?

Apollo Ohno has been seeing Bianca Stam, his fiancee, for six years. Despite this, they are not legally married as of yet.

An eight-time Olympic gold medalist and his fiance Bianca Stam appeared on LeBron James’ iconic TV show, The Wall. Furthermore, they are in a wonderful relationship with one another.

Likewise, The lovely couple routinely updates their social media accounts with photos of themselves.

According to their Instagram posts, Fans expect them to unveil their wedding dates soon. However, it is unknown whether the pair have discussed getting married in the near future.

How Rich Is Apolo Ohno? Net Worth 2022

Apolo Ohno’s net worth is expected to be 10 million USD, including his property, funds, and earnings, as of 2022. The Olympics Champion’s principal source of income is his speed skating career.

Skating brought him a lot of fame and titles, which brought him additional money. He also does other jobs such as dancing and presenting television shows.

Similarly, McDonald’s, General Electric, The Century Council, Vicks, and Coca-Cola are among his many sponsors, owing to his sport’s prominence and reputation.

Ohno has amassed wealth through various sources of income, which results in him living an extravagant lifestyle. His Instagram posts work as evidence of how he enjoys weekends and many more.