Who Is Annsofy From Gatineau & Why Did She Suicide? 10-Year-Old Kills Herself Amid Identity Crisis

10-year-old Annsofy from Gatineau committed suicide as a result of an identity crisis. Prior to that, she allegedly suffered from bullying.

Annsofy was a 10-year-old girl from Gatineau, Quebec. She is currently in the spotlight as she took her own life amid an identity crisis.

The parents of the girl are devastated and they do not want anyone else to suffer the same fate. So, they are requesting that the mental health resources should be accessible to kids as well.

Annsofy was born a girl but she claimed that she was trans. She would even dress as a boy which is why she was bullied and prejudiced.

Who Is Annsofy From Gatineau & Why Did She Commit Suicide?

Annsofy was a 10-year-old girl from Gatineau and she committed suicide because of an identity crisis.

She was a girl by gender but deep down, she felt like a boy. Amid the confusion, bullying, and societal restrictions, she killed herself.

Sadly, Annsofy passed away on 9 March 2022 leaving her parents and sibling behind.

Meet Annsofy Heartbroken Parents

As per Le Droit, Annsofy’s parents are heartbroken after the demise of their beautiful child.

They did not imagine in their worst nightmare that Annsofy would kill herself. But the unfortunate happened and they are mourning her loss.

Annsofy’s mother, Annick Dinelle wishes if she had seen it coming earlier. After the loss of her child, she has emphasized providing mental health resources to every young people.

While the tragic incident happened, Dinelle was preparing for the baptism of Annsofy’s little sibling rather than her funeral. They doomed the baptism ceremony when they heard the news of Annsofy’s demise.

Annsofy’s father and a professional doctor, Mr. Dinelle are also deeply saddened by her demise.

Obituary- What Happened To Annsofy?

As per the obituary, Annsofy killed herself on 9 March 2022.

She took such a drastic step because of the identity crisis. She was a girl by birth but she did not feel like one.

Annsofy wanted to change her name to Alex. Besides, she was clear on her mind that she was a lesbian and she wanted to be a trans man.

She even cut her silky blonde hair very short and dressed differently. As a result, Annsofy became a victim of intimidation and alleged bullying.

The 10-year-old could not handle much stress and identity crisis, which is why she killed herself at her residence in Gatineau, Quebec.

Following that, Annsofy’s organs were donated to other people in need. Even after death, the innocent girl saved the lives of people.

Moreover, a vigil in her memory will be lit up on 16 October 2022 in front of her house. Besides, her funeral and burial details will soon be disclosed.

May Annsofy’s wonderful soul rest in peace and reach the other world safely.