Who Is Annie Lintkey White House Reporter? Meet The Washington Post Journalist

Annie Linskey is known for covering the White House for the Washington Post. She is making headlines for her commentary on the primary elections.

The Associated Press’ Annie Linskey is a White House correspondent. She covered Democrats in the 2020 presidential race as a national political correspondent for the Washington Post. 

White House correspondent Annie Linskey works there. She was a national political correspondent for The Washington Post, covering Democrats in the 2020 presidential race.

Linskey covered Democrats in-depth for the Boston Globe’s Washington bureau throughout the 2016 campaign before joining The Post. For Bloomberg News and BusinessWeek, she provided coverage of the Obama administration.

Wikipedia: Who Is Annie Linskey White House Reporter?

The Washington Post’s current White House reporter Annie Linskey is not included on Wikipedia. At the same time, her biography may be evaluated on her Washington Post page.

Before joining The Post, Annie served as the chief Democratic presidential campaign journalist for the Boston Globe’s Washington desk. In addition, she has reported on the Obama administration for BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News.

Linskey spent a year in Boston for Bloomberg’s coverage of New England politics. She also provided the newspaper with a sailing column.

She worked for the Baltimore Sun for her first nine years as a writer, covering various criminal topics as well as City Hall and the Maryland State House. 

About Annie Linskey’s Husband

Like every other journalist who covers politics, White House Correspondent Annie Linskey has kept her private life hidden from the public.

Not to mention that her spouse and family might not enjoy receiving continual media and public attention.

She had so withheld all information on her marriage and family. Even on her social media pages, she doesn’t say much about them.

You may follow Annie Linskey on Twitter @AnnieLinskey and Instagram @alinskey in the interim.

Images of the ocean, farmland, stunning structures and eateries can be seen throughout Linskey’s Instagram page. Additionally, she has allegedly posted pictures of herself while at work.

Find Annie Linskey Net Worth

In 2022, Annie Linskey’s estimated net worth will range from $350,000 to $550,000.

According to statistics on Glassdoor, reporters employed by The Washington Post regularly make between $54,056 and $164,812 each year.

Additionally, she spent a year in Boston as a political reporter for Bloomberg News. At the Baltimore Sun, where she covered crime, City Hall, and the Maryland State House for her first nine years as a journalist, Linskey covered these topics. 

Age Of Annie Linskey

At this time, journalist Annie Linskey is in her 40s or 45s. Annie was born on December 21st and was reared in Baltimore, Maryland. Her precise birth year is still a mystery.

According to her profile, she attended Wellesley College from 1993 to 1997 for her academic endeavors.

She began working for The Baltimore Sun after completing her education. Since then, she has worked for several businesses until landing a job at The Washington Post.