Who Is Angeli Rose Gomez? Arrested Mom Amid Texas School Shooting Before She Jumped Fence

A mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, was bound for attempting to impede the dynamic examination. A mother of the casualty of the Robb Elementary School shooting, Angeli Rose Gomez, has whined that the youngsters lost their lives because of the carelessness of the Police.

Angeli and a few different guardians of the youngsters inside the school were continually asking the Police to enter the school. Simultaneously, the shooter seethed in savagery and kept taking various honest lives. They accept that the Police were delayed to make a move, and it cost the existence of their blameless youngsters.

Who is Angeli Rose Gomez? Angeli Rose Gomez was the mother of one of the kids inside the Robb Elementary School, who had chance savagely by the 18-year-old shooter.

As per Angeli Rose, she was cuffed by a US Marshal while she begged the Police to make a prompt move and stop the slaughter. Notwithstanding, the US Marshal’s Office has denied the claims and said that they “kept everything under control and harmony among the lamenting local area meeting around the school.”

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In a tumultuous scene, Gomez said she saw one parent splashing pepper and the other being shot to the ground by cops. Gomez saw Police utilize a mystery on a parent moving toward a transport to gather up his youngster after the shooter was shot and killed by policing. “He didn’t do it to the shooter, however he did it to us. That is the very thing it seemed like,” she said.

For what reason was Angeli Rose Arrested? According to her assertion, Angeli Rose Gomez was cuffed when she attempted to hop the wall while the Police were holding up outside and not successfully prevent the shooter from killing guiltless youngsters at Robb Elementary School.

She was bound by a US marshal and uncuffed in the wake of being distinguished by a few cops. She jumped the wall and strolled inside the school subsequent to being delivered, and she went out with her two youngsters.

Nonetheless, Angeli Rose was not captured. She was just briefly held in binds by a US Marshal who said they were attempting to control the disarray outside the school without disturbing the continuous examination.

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Where is Angeli Rose Now? Angeli Rose Gomez is being lauded as a legend who did what the cops getting the edge outside the school couldn’t do. Angeli Rose is griping about the police power’s deficiency and the absence of exertion they showed in dealing with the instance of Robb Elementary School at Uvalde, Texas.

Her assertions are raising the consideration of the concerned power and the overall population, who request a serious examination for this situation and are scrutinizing the police power’s capacities in taking care of a grave circumstance.