Who Is Andra Griffin? Bradenton Woman Walks Into The Brian Laundrie Story

Bradenton woman Andra Griffin sues Brian Laundrie’s father Chris Laundrie over the removal of a protest sign.

Andra Griffin is a woman from Bradenton. She is among that protestor who wants justice for late Gabby Petito.

Ever since Gabby’s demise people have surrounded the Laundries home residence. They are seeking answers from the family.

Very recently a lawsuit was filed against Laundries. Griffin is not happy with the way the family is acting. Get to know more about the filed lawsuit.

Who Is Andra Griffin?

Andra Griffin is a victim rights activist. The Florida woman is seeking justice for Gabby Petito.

She works to collect donations sponsor protests and support victims.

The woman from Bradenton is seen active on Twitter. Her handle name is @americanlaw411 and has around 1.9 thousand followers.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she works as a Life & Health Insurance agent.

Previously, she worked as a Real Estate Office Manager for Rekab Associates International.

Griffin graduated with honors from Keiser College.

Andra Griffin: Bradenton Woman Sues Brian Laundrie Father

Andra Griffin is suing Chris Laundrie (Brain Laundrie Father) over a $40 lawn sign.

She filed the lawsuit on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Activist Griffin has been very strong in seeking justice for late Petito. She herself had placed a sign on Laundrie’s lawn.

With Brian Laundrie out of reach and his family members not breaking their silence on Petito’s death.

Activists including Griffin wants answers from them. She had placed the sign to irritate the Laundrie family.

Chris Laundrie Removes  Sign Place By Andra Griffin

Lаundrie’s fаther Chris Lаundrie had stepped out of his home on Sаturdаy, October 16.

He removed a sign that read “Whаt if this hаppened to Cаssie?” place by the protesters.

The note refers to Brian’s sister and Chris Laundrie’s daughter.

Griffins claims in her lawsuit that she contributed funds to sign creation as a peaceful protest.

She added that Chris tore down the yellow paper and wаlked bаck to his home in North Port, Floridа.

On the other hand, Chis believes that he and his family are being harassed with the $40 lawsuit.

He claims that the disturbing sign was in his property which was litter.

Andra Griffin Age

According to age, Andra Griffin appears to be in her thirties.

However, we do not know details on her actual age and astrological sign for the time being.

Andra Griffin is seen active on Instagram and Facebook as well. On Instagram, she has 51 followers and goes by the username @andra.griffin.750.