Who Is Ali Harbi Ali Father Harbi Ali Kullane? Details About The Family Of David Amess Killer

Ali Harbi Ali Father Harbi Ali Kullane is a former adviser to the prime minister of Somalia. Find the details behind the killing case of British MP David Amess. 

Ali Harbi Ali is the prime suspect in the murder of British MP Sir David Amess. The British Police identified Ali Harbi for the suspicion of killing the MP on Saturday and he is currently held by police under the Terrorism Act.

The suspect Ali Harbi Ali reportedly killed Conservative MP Sir David Amess with a knife in Essex on Friday. The MP was cut multiple times when he was at an ordinary gathering at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

However, no further details about the suspect have surfaced as of now. However, he will remain in police custody until October 22.

Who Is Ali Harbi Ali Father Harbi Ali Kullane?

Ali Harbi Ali’s father Harbi Ali Kullane is a former adviser to the prime minister of Somalia.

Concerning the case of the murder of MP, Kullane said that he became traumatized by his son’s arrest.

Harbi Ali told The Sunday Times that his 25 years old British-born son was in custody after the anti-terrorist police from Scotland Yard took him.

Further, he has never expected or dreamt of something like this to happen any day. The murderer had booked an appointment at Sir David’s office before apparently stabbing the politician 17 times.

Who Is Ali Harbi Ali Wife?

Ali Harbi Ali’s personal life information is yet to surface on the internet, so we are unknown about his wife and partner details.

Neither do we know if the 25 years old suspect is married or in a relationship. As he is not a well-known name on the internet his personal details are hard to found.

Until now it is known that he is in police custody for killing the British MP, aside from that no further details have made it into the web as of now.

It is believed that he currently resides in London where officials were photographed standing guard outside the North London council house where Ali lives.

Ali Harbi Ali Family

Ali Harbi Ali’s family members are saddened after his arrest regarding the killing of the British MP.

Meanwhile, his father, Harbi Ali Kullane is a former Somalian adviser serving under the Prime Minister, but no information about him is covered by the news yet.

As the case goes no, further details about him and his family will certainly make it to the media outlets.