Who Is Alex Beggs From New York Times? Meet The Woman Behind The Now Infamous Cannibalism Article

The recent stir on the Internet seems to be Alex Beggs and her NY Times article on cannibalism. The rage on Twitter and the cancel culture is not new in today’s day and age. However, what made the writer go underground, protecting her tweets all of a sudden?

Let’s find out what she said and how netizens reacted to her.

Who Is Alex Beggs From New York Times?

Alex Beggs is a freelance writer and a copywriter who was previously a regular at Bon Appétit. She was a senior staff member then, but now she occasionally pens the etiquette column and reviews Trader Joe’s monthly. Apart from all this, she also gives a helping hand when required.

Monthly American culinary and entertaining publication Bon Appétit normally has recipes, party suggestions, and restaurant and wine reviews. It has been published since 1956 and is owned by Condé Nast. Its headquarters are located at One World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City.

In her role as an associate editor at Vanity Fair, Alex wrote extensively on rosé, novels, and Broadway. As a cartoon intern for The New Yorker, she has also written about biceps for The Cut and beauty for Into the Gloss. For The New York Times, books; for The New Yorker, humor; for Garage (RIP); and for Racked, stretchy pants (also RIP).

The collection of her articles and the bio that has been put in her name set out to the world her capability as a writer. She is extremely nuanced and expressive, which makes her controversial at times, for which she gets a lot of backlashes as well.

James McBride’s former assistant, Beggs, once worked passionately for him. Before that, she worked as a nanny, which she now considers some of her finest days.

Born and brought up in Houston, she’s lived in New York for over 16 years now. Currently, her workplace coins her address as Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Twitter Has A Polarizing Reaction To Alex Beggs Cannibalism Article

Alex has written several articles until now, but probably none of them have created the stir that the piece she’s written on ‘Cannibalism’ has created. The one that she wrote for New York Times took the Internet by storm.

Beggs highlight from it is that she says recent releases of nauseating novels, TV series, and movies suggest that we’ve never appeared so appetizing to one another.

One of the Twitter users tweets, “@alex_beggs only a demonic lunatic would write shit about cannibalism. Has someone been chewing on your brain? #NYTimes.” Similarly, another one writes, “Post the info on who pushes this degenerate filth in the 21st Century. Who sponsors testing the waters on people’s reactions to this?”

She has been referred to as a paid writer who is on the way to creating havoc in the name of democracy. People are completely shunning her opinion and are demanding the ‘New York Times’ take it down as soon as possible. The Newspaper, however, seems to be quite firm in not letting the negatives shake them. They are taking in the comments on Twitter without clarifying the concerns.

On the other hand, Alex has gone private on Twitter. She only has four posts, which seems quite bizarre from the eyes of readers who learned about her only through this infamous article.