Who Is Alejandro Pucheta And How Old Is He? Bárbara “Barbie” Vélez Father

Alejandro Pucheta is soon going to be a grandfather. Know about his Wikipedia, edad, and other details.

The Argentinian actress Barbara “barbie” Velez has announced her pregnancy and revealed the child is a boy.

She confirmed the news of expecting childbirth three days ago through an Instagram post where she is pictured with her newly married husband, Lucas Rodriguez. A few days later, Velez uploaded a video discussing the child’s gender and said the kid was a boy, although she had expected a girl.

The lady showed further excitement about her expectancy as she talked about possible names for the boy in the shared video. As the whole family is jubilant now, one of the happiest faces is the actress’s father, Alejandro Pucheta.

He shared an Instagram story, jumping with joy, and captured his excitement as a soon-to-be grandfather. While he detailed it to be a bit sooner than they had planned, the whole family is happy regarding the childbirth and is patiently waiting to welcome a new member to the group.

Alejandro Pucheta Wikipedia: Meet Barbie Velez Padre

Alejandro Pucheta is a producer by profession and conducts various music shows. But he doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page to this date.

He is the co-founder of Ale Pucheta Producciones, which conducts various music concerts and other shows around the area. As a producer and co-founder of his hosting business, Pucheta is often the first person to handle his company, making him a good amount of money.

The man is a well-recognized personality on the internet, as more than 106k people follow him on his verified Instagram account. This shows Alejandro as a reputed personality and a verified host in the city.

Although his profession is known, his career journey is not traced on online sites, so we are unaware of his background and the journey he has lived.

Alejandro Pucheta Edad: How Old Is Barbie Velez Padre?

Argentinian actress Barbie Velez’s padre, aka father, Alejandro Pucheta, is 48 years old.

While his date of birth remains a doubt, Ciudad Magazine revealed the man to be at the age of 48 while reporting about his previous marriage relationship in May of 2022. Considering the data as an authentic piece of information, Pucheta is in his late 40s.

No wonder Alejandro looks so young since he birthed his superstar daughter, Barbera, aka Barbie when he was around 20. He married during his late teenage years, and the pair welcomed a daughter, although their union didn’t last long.

Alejandro Pucheta Wife And Family

Discussing Alejandro Pucheta’s wife and family, he has been with his partner, Yamila de Rosa, for a few years now.

The details of whether the couple has tied the knot are vague on the internet, so we cannot specify if they are married or not. But their beautiful relationship is visible, and they are often spotted together in pictures and on vacations.

Pucheta married his now ex-wife, Nazarena Velez, when he was only 19, and the couple gave birth to Barbera. But their married life didn’t last long as the man wanted Nazarena to take care of their child while the woman instead wanted to work on her career as an actress.