Who Is AFL Tom Browne’s Father Jeff Browne? Meet His Mother Rhonda Wyllie

Tom Browne is a journalist working as an AFL reporter for the 7NEWS Melbourne.

Tom started working as a journalist for seven networks in 2012 and has been working for almost 11 years. He has a double bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Law from the University of Melbourne.

Browne had worked as a Hot Breakfast Football Reporter in the Southern Cross Austereo for almost five years.

Who Is AFL Tom Browne’s Father Jeff Browne?

Jeff Browne is the father of Tom Browne. He had worked as a lawyer for AFL for nearly the past 22 years. Similarly, he is a businessman working as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of MA Financial Group.

Jeff also had the experience working as e former Chairman at Similarly, he had also worked as a former Managing Director for Nine Network.

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As a lawyer, Browne helped establish the competition agreements for all clubs, the racial vilification policy, the players’ collective bargaining agreements, and media rights deals.

Jeff founded Browne & Co Solicitors and Consultants early in his legal career and had worked as a commercial lawyer. Simialrly, he was also seen as the AFL president in 2021.

Meet Tom Browne’s Mother, Rhonda Wyllie

Tom Browne’s mother’s name is Rhonda Wyllie. Tom married Rhonda on March 31, 2018, and held their marriage ceremony had called 300 guests.

They met each other in 2013 through a blind date at the 2013 Logie Awards. Their original destination to tye the knot was in Ravello in Italy as they both the place and had to plan a lot for that place.

They had to change their wedding destination as they thought it would be difficult for their parents to travel. So, their wedding occurred in Perth at Murray River Farm in Coolup.

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Who Is Tom Browne Wife Tara?

Tom Browne is married to his wife Tara, and they have been together for a long time. Tom and his wife Tara bought a three-bedroom home about six years ago.

After buying the house, they spend time renovating the property and custom-designing a hotel-like main bedroom. But they had listed this property for sale for about $2.6 to $2.7 million on the internet.

Tom and Brown married each other in 2019 and are parents of their son named Henry.

Tom Browne Ethnicity

Tom Browne has not talked much about his ethnicity. He was born to his parents, Jeff Browne and Rhonda Wyllie.

His parents have separated from each other due to differences in 2021. His father is also a renowned lawyer in AFL, and his mother is one of Australia’s wealthiest women. They both formed powerful couples in Australia.