Who Is Abby Hornacek? Meet Jeff Hornacek Daughter

Who Is Abby Hornacek? The Fox News on-air host is the daughter of former NBA player Jeff Hornacek. Stay with the article to find out more about Hornacek.

Abby Hornacek is an American journalist and TV host who works with Fox Nation. She hosts shows such as American Arenas, Ride to Work, and PARK’d with Abby Hornacek. Abby also contributes her work on Fox Business and Fox News Channel.

Abby Hornacek was the third runner-up in Miss Arizona USA in 2014. Abby participated as Miss Desert Rose in the pageant. Hornacek hosts a podcast, Getting Schooled with Abby Hornacek, which airs weekly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and

Who Is Abby Hornacek?

Hornacek started her career in January 2012 as an anchor and producer for the Trojan Vision Television, where she worked with a team of journalists to create content for the network. She also worked at the Annenberg TV News and covered a wide range of stories in the Los Angeles Area as a multimedia journalist.

According to Miss USA, Abby Hornacek calls herself a huge adrenaline junkie who loves to play sports, camp, and line dance. Hornacek likes visiting the National Park and playing her guitar or banjo.

Is Abby Hornacek On Wikipedia?

Abby Hornacek is not on Wikipedia.

However, Hornacek has a detailed LinkedIn profile with information about her education and career. Abby Hornacek went to the University of Southern California from 2012 to 2016.

She graduated cum laude with Departmental Honors in Broadcast Journalism.

Abby was a member of the USC Sand Volleyball team.

Hornacek is an active volunteer for The Midnight Mission, where she serves in the food service department, and Swipes for the Homeless, where she serves as a Greek Officer.

Abby Hornacek Age and Height Details Revealed

Abby Hornacek’s age is 27 years, as she was born on April 25, 1994.

Abby Hornacek’s height is 5 feet 7 inches.

Hornacek was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Abby Hornacek’s net worth might be hefty, given her successful career in the media.

Meet Abby Hornacek’s Family

Abby Hornacek is the daughter of former NBA star Jeff Hornacek.

Jeff Hornacek played for the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, and Philadeljps 76ers of the NBA. He is currently working as an assistant coach for the Houston Rockets.

Her mother is Stacy Hornacek.

Abby has two older siblings, Ryan Hornacek, who was born in 1989, and Tyler Hornacek, who was born in 1990.

Abby Hornacek is not yet married. Hornacek has not shared any details of her dating life and boyfriend with the public.