Who Is Aaron Dean Auctioneer? Meet Christina Trevanion Husband Amid Separated Rumors

Christina Trevanion’s husband, Aaron Dean, is also an Auctioneer and TV presenter, just like his wife.

Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion is popularly known as Christina Trevanion, one of the most well-known faces in the history of Auctioneers. By profession, she is also a television presenter. She has been in the field of auctioning for a long time and has opened business ventures relating to antiques, valuables, and auction goods.

The television presenter, Christina, is best known for Bargain Hunter, Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Flog It! The auctioneer is specialized in jewelry, silver, and different types of watches.

She is known to be hawk-eyed regarding old and antique pieces. She is also an avid collector of 70’s bubble bases, bud vases, and 18th-century teapot and cutleries.

She is one top-notch auctioneer married to another well-known auctioneer of Britain. She tied knots with her husband, Aaron Dean.

They opened up a firm together in 2015 and named it Trevanion and Dean, which is now said to be Trevanion Auction House. The firm is located in the prime location of Shropshire.

The couple has gained massive media attention, the working couple who has set the benchmark for others giving some major couple couples.

Quick Facts about Christina Trevanion

Full Name Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion
Also Known As Christina Trevanion
Birth Date June 12, 1981
Birthplace England
Spouse Aaron Dean
Children 2
Instagram Christinatrevanion
Net Worth $1 million
Age 41 years
Father’s Name David Trevanion
Mother’s Name Hazel Trevanion

Aaron Dean Auctioneer: Who Is Christina Trevanion Husband?

Christina Trevanion’s husband, Aaron Dean, is a famous British Fine Art and Antique Auctioneer.

Aaron Dean is a known face regarding antiques and valuables, as he can be seen in different related events. He is a great valuer of antiques and is called one of the top auctioneers. Celebrity spouses like Aaron are also great art valuers and makers, including Keith Brymer Jones. However, very few people like Aaron and his wife Christina see a future as great auctioneers.

Aaron is currently working as a Senior Valuer, Cataloguer, and Auctioneer at Adam Partridge Auctioneers and Valuers. He has also volunteered at MPostcode Business Hub in Manchester, England. The auctioneer had also opened a firm partnered with his wife Christina but left the position as a co-owner due to unknown reasons.

Aaron has worked in different Auctions houses, and unlike his wife, he is specialized in books and historical documents. Aside from these, he also has a keen interest in clocks, furniture, and fine art. Along with his expertise in different antique goods, he is also skilled in customer relationship management, historical research, project management, fine art, cultural heritage, and cataloging.

Aaron Dean Age and Net Worth

Aaron Dean has not revealed his age, while his wife Christina Trevanion is 41 years old.

Aaron and Christina started their career as Auctioneers more than a decade and have grown together in the field. Christina was born in England on June 12, 1981, and was an eager child who loved visiting different auctions with her uncle. The couple does not seem to have much of an age difference, so he must be around 40-45.

Similarly, Aaron Dean has not revealed his exact net worth, but as a famous auctioneer, he must have good earnings.

While Christina has a net worth of $1 Million.

Are Christina Trevanion and Her Husband Aaron Dean Separated since 2020?

Christina Trevanion and her husband Aaron Dean aren’t separated since 2020 and are still going strong as a happily married couple.

Christina and Aaron got tied their knots in 2014, and it has been more than eight years since they have been together. They have had a great relationship as husband and wife and consider each other best friends. Like any other average couple, they also love joking around.

Christina is active on her social media, especially on Twitter, where once she posted a tweet where the word “Divorce” was mentioned. However, the term was mentioned in a sarcastic manner people misinterpreted the meaning leading them to think that Christina is separating from her husband, Aaron Dean.

Frustrated with her husband, Christina made joked about Divorce with Aaron around Christmas time in the year 2020. In the tweet, she had written, “Have anyone citied putting up Christmas lights on Divorce papers? Asking for a friend/current husband.” However, looking at them together still in 2022 assures that is was just a joke.

Their Children and Family Details

The beautiful family of Christina and Aaron consists of their two angelic daughters.

Christina is the daughter of her parents, David Trevanion and Hazel Trevanion, who nurtured and raised her to be this independent. Likewise, she also gave birth to two daughters in the past eight years of her marriage with her now husband, Aaron. However, she has not revealed any details about her daughters as she wants to maintain some privacy about her private life.

Some FAQs

Who is Christina Trevanion?

Christina Trevanion is a famous Television presenter, Auctioneer, Antiques Experts, Business Owner and Philanthropist.

Who is Christina Trevanion’s Husband?

Christina Trevanion’s husband is famous Auctioneer Aaron Dean.

What is the age of Christina Trevanion?

Christina Trevanion was born on 12 June, 1981 and is currently 41 years old.