Who Did The Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele Kidnap? Is He Arrested & In Jail Now?

Sage Keele was captured by Escambia County police on September 23, 2020, after he ran away from the wrongdoing area daily prior. On September 22, Sage attempted to capture his Tinder date from her occupant and attempted to zip tie her in her vehicle in the parking area.

As indicated by the police report, the previous Pensacola Correctional official was called by the lady to her home as she needed to return a couple of her shoes. The two met around three weeks sooner through the internet dating stage Tinder however Sage expressed that his name was Richard A. Award.

When the lady(name kept secret) found out about his wickedness, she in a flash parted ways with Sage Keele yet Sage thought about it literally. He was not simply prepared to abandon his date. At the point when his date called him to her area for an apparently ‘last meet’, Sage showed up before her and acted very abnormal.

Sage Keele: Pensacola Correctional Officer Kidnapped A Woman He Met On Tinder Sage Keele was a previous Pensacola Correctional official who was captured for attempting to grab his Tinder date.

Sage showed up before his date at their last gathering place, the woman’s loft. He continued to give her two decisions, to which she answered that she would readily go with the third.

Sage then, at that point, showed her a couple of pills, which she remembered to be a few destructive medications, and in this way promptly grabbed them from Sage. Irritated by her activities, Keele attempted to go after her and pursued her to her vehicle.

Before the woman could close her vehicle entryways and lock them, Sage assumed command, impeded it and entered the vehicle, and attempted to zip-tie her previous date. Whenever a bystander saw the wrongdoing, Sage jokingly made a joke out of the scene and leave the vehicle.

Yet, soon he would continue his compromising activities once more and this time, the woman’s flat mate showed up at the scene and frightened Sage off. Police were called to the scene and they found Sage’s telephone. Sage was captured the exceptionally following day and held with a $76k bond.

Was Sage Keele Arrested? Is it true or not that he is In Jail Now? Sage Keele was captured on September 23, 2020, for a grabbing endeavor on his previous Tinder date. He attempted to get into her vehicle and zip tie her, with a ulterior thought process of actually hurting her.

He was captured by the Escambia Police and held in jail at Escambia County Jail.

A bail measure of $76k was allocated to his name and he was accused of capturing, robbery, and battery, and two counts of false pantomime.

Was Sage Keele’s Mugshot Released? Sage Keele’s delivered mugshot isn’t made accessible on internet based media. The detail of his capture was shared through various lawbreaker reports and news pages.