Who Are The “Tinkandking” TikTok Couple?

TinkandKing is a joint account of a married couple with a tad more focus on the lady. Likewise, the man is less influential and not very screen-friendly compared to his wife.

Every other day her followers and views are growing just because of the definition she puts in the specific part of her body. She makes her content wherever possible, whether that be her private space or public space. 

One can visit her TikTok account found accessible under the username Tinkandking with more than 94k followers.

Explore Their Twitter & Instagram

The couple is available on Instagram under the username therealkingandtinkerbelle. With above 100k followers, their account’s bio states that they are the parents of 4 children. 

Despite getting a massive number of audiences on TikTok, the couple has no existence on Twitter. 

They have limited to TikTok and Instagram with no clue if they will ever enter other social sites. 

How old is Tinkandking?

No details regarding the age of the couple are available at the time. But, assuming based on their shots and videos, they might be in their mid-30s.

Despite having a heavy fall of likes and views, the comment section contains the obnoxious behaviors of her fans. 

Tinkandking Real name Revealed.

The couple has not unraveled their names despite are using a common name Tinkandking. They show no interest in revealing their names even after being asked frequently about the subject.

So, if not now, let us hope they come up to share about themselves in the upcoming videos in the approaching days.

Explore Their Videos On Reddit

As mentioned above, the videos highly focus on a specific portion of the human body.

The uploads are never limited to only two faces. Instead, it includes her mother and other friends and families. Even after facing such patronizing behaviors from her fans, they never fail to update their account with new videos.