Who Are Slade Smiley’s Kids? Meet Grayson, Skylar, and Gavin Smiley

Slade Smiley has three kids named Gavin, Grayson, and Skylar Smiley. His most memorable kid, Gavin Smiley, was born to his ex, Rose Smiley, while his subsequent kid, Grayson Smiley, was born by an ex-accomplice in the year 2000. Smiley invited his third youngster, a little girl named Skylar Dark, in 2019. Slade Smiley’s oldest youngster is a flourishing programmer, while his last kid is only a three-year-old pre-schooler. His center kid, sadly, died in 2023 because of confusions emerging from cerebrum malignant growth.

Slade Smiley has two children and his most memorable child, and the principal kid is named Gavin Smiley. Gavin was born on the first of April 1991 in California.

Meet Slade Smiley’s Children

Slade Smiley’s First Son, Gavin, is a Software Engineer and Graphics Designer

  • Date of Birth: 1st of April 1991
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Mother: Rose Smiley
  • Occupation: Software Engineer

Slade Smiley’s Second Child is a Son Named Grayson Smiley

  • Date of birth: 16 May 2000
  • Died: 7 February 2023
  • Age: 22
  • Mother: Michelle Arroyo

Slade Smiley’s Third Child is Daughter Skylar

  • Date of birth: 10th of July 2019
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Mother: Gretchen Rossi

The young fellow is the result of his main marriage which was to a woman named Rose Smiley. Slade and Rose separated from in the years after Gavin’s introduction to the world, however Slade made a point to keep up with close binds with his child. Subsequently, his child highlighted noticeably in his story bend on The Genuine Housewives of Orange District in the mid 2000s.

Gavin was one of the young people that overwhelmed the show and turned into a smaller than usual superstar.

He was evaluated on what he was doing. He was likewise gotten some information about the normal impression that the youngsters on the show were ruined.

Gavin made it obvious that his father didn’t pamper him. He was expected to set aside and utilize his cash for his desired things. Gavin Smiley went to Ventura School from 2009 to 2010.

He later went to The Craftsmanship Organization of California-Los Angeles from 2010 to 2014 and finished an unhitched males degree in game workmanship and plan.

Gavin Smiley has since fabricated a vocation as a programmer, illustrations creator, and game engineer. He has functioned as an illustrations creator for Scosche Enterprises and as a front-end engineer for GiddyUp. He has additionally established adventures like Extraordinary Attractor Studios, Everypage Inc, and Frisson Studios Inc. He is situated in Los Angeles and depicts himself as a diverse computer programmer with experience in front-end web, ThreeJS, and Solidarity game programming and plan and a long history of visual communication and marketing.

Gavin Smiley is Hitched to Kenna Smiley Away from work, Gavin Smiley is hitched to Kenna Smiley, an honor winning aesthetician, and money manager. Kenna has been an authorized aesthetician beginning around 2010 and runs a shop skin health management studio, which gives straightforward and compelling medicines to clients to help their self-assurance.

Gavin and Kenna began dating at some point during the 2010s and, by 2018, were locked in. They later got hitched in 2019, and Slade and his current sweetheart gave a valiant effort to help the couple with every kind of stuff for their wedding services, for example, tweaked welcome signs and wooden seat reservation signs.

Gavin and Kenna make their home in Ventura Area and have two felines. The second of three youngsters born to Slade Smiley is Grayson Smiley-Arroyo.

Grayson was the result of his relationship with a woman named Michelle Arroyo and was born at the beginning of another thousand years in 2000. Slade and Grayson’s mother never got hitched, and eventually, they later headed out in a different direction. Michelle got essential authority of Grayson, while Slade was approached to pay youngster backing of about $3,500 every month.

He paid for quite a while however later owed such a lot of that this brought on some issues among him and Michelle. It likewise prompted terrible media reports about him.

Slade was later ready to have his kid support commitments decreased, and it appears he stayed aware of installments from that point onward, as the story didn’t surface in the news any longer.

He Died of a Mind Growth in 2023 Grayson was determined to have mind malignant growth at six years old. The specialists gave him only a couple of years to live, yet he ended up being a contender and a fighter and lived for a long time after the determination. However, it was anything but a simple ride.

Grayson persevered through long periods of medicines and chemotherapy and went through upwards of 29 medical procedures, a large number of which were on his cerebrum.

These techniques, sadly, accompanied complexities that unleashed devastation on his significant frameworks, including his heart. In spite of this, Grayson kept a cheery demeanor about existence.

He took classes at home. He additionally adored hip-jump music and playing computer games. He was additionally inclined toward privateers and nicknamed himself Chief Gary the Ruler.

Grayson Slade made every second count and died on the seventh of February, 2023. His mother, who had been his long-term carer and sole wellbeing advocate, reported the demise and expressed that his heart had given out. Grayson’s passing evoked recognitions from his friends and family, including Becky Arroyo.

She depicted what his life had been similar to and expressed that notwithstanding everything, he actually had the biggest grin and gave the biggest embrace. Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley’s accomplice, likewise honored Grayson. She shared recordings of Grayson spending time with his more youthful stepsister and proclaimed that they would adore him for eternity. She likewise expressed that he was continuously moving and singing and was a genuine signal of light and trust. She depicted him as a heavenly messenger on the planet and a unimaginable fighter.

Slade Smiley’s third kid is a little girl named Skylar Dim. She was born on the tenth of July 2019, and her mom is his drawn out accomplice and life partner, Gretchen Rossi.

Slade and Rossi have been dating beginning around 2009 and got taken part in the mid 2010s. Fans have been holding back to see when they would formalize their promises, yet they are in no rush. They have rather centered around blending their lives in the ways that matter, one of which was having a kid together.

The couple needed to go the IVF course, however everything ended up being worth the effort when they invited Skylar, and they presently rich a great deal of affection on her.

For example, when Skylar turned one out of 2020, they went full scale and tossed her a mermaid-themed birthday celebration.

The party was a remarkable luxurious slam and highlighted genuine mermaids, a six-layered cake, and unimaginable enrichments.

Considerably more significantly, they had friends and family around to commend the little woman. Skylar is as of now 3 years of age, which is the preschool age range.

There is the likelihood that she is signed up for preschool. It is likewise conceivable that her folks have held her back home for a few additional long stretches of special attention.

Skylar frequently shows up on her parent’s virtual entertainment pages. Her pleased mother has uncovered that she has accomplished explicit miles stones, for example, strolling and swimming early and even before she turned one. The young lady is a brilliant treat.