Who Are Nicole Linton Parents And Where Are They From?

Nicole Linton’s parents might be very worried and scared after her daughter caused a multi-vehicle accident due to alleged carelessness. They have not spoken anything on the matter yet.

Nicole Linton has been identified as the 37-year-old driver who caused the multi-vehicle wreck in Los Angeles, claiming the lives of six people. She allegedly argued with her boyfriend at the time of the accident and failed to notice the red light causing the accident.

Linton is facing vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence charges concerning the catastrophic collision near Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. According to Showbiz Cast, five persons were killed in the tragedy, including a pregnant mother and her infant.

While she was lucky enough to survive and receive treatment for her injuries at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, six people lost their lives in the accident.

Let us learn more about Nicole Linton and take a closer look at her parents and charges.

Who Are Nicole Linton’s Parents?

Nicole Linton’s parents have not spoken anything about her recent accident yet.

Furthermore, the authorities have not yet revealed their identity to the general public. Nicole’s identity was also revealed two days after the accident when the authorities charged her.

Her parents might be very scared and devastated after Nicole’s accident. The accident did not just injure Nicole but also claimed six people’s lives, including children and infants.

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While Nicole’s parents might be by her hospital bed praying for her speedy recovery, the victims’ parents are mourning the death of their loved ones as you read this article.

Among the victims was 23-years-old Asherey Ryan, a mother-to-be; she also died with her unborn son.

According to People, Ryan’s identity has not yet been revealed, but she was the first victim recognized by authorities.

Where Are Nicole Linton’s Parents From?

Nicole Linton’s parents could be from Houston, as Nicole is reported to be from there.

They may be living near their daughter in the Los Angeles region, but no confirmed information of their whereabouts has surfaced.

As we mentioned earlier, details about Nicole’s parents, including their whereabouts, have not come to the surface yet. They might be with their daughter at the hospital, where she is being treated for injuries sustained in the crash.

Nicole’s parents or family might soon come in front of the public and speak detailing the accident. Still, until then, there is no information regarding them available on the web.

Similarly, the victims’ parents and family have not yet spoken anything about the crash. They might be in agony as they lost several of their loved ones and family members in the accident.

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Is Nicole Linton Arrested? Charges Explored

Nicole Linton has been arrested but will be taken to police custody after she is discharged from the hospital.

She is currently facing charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence after causing a multi-vehicle wreck in an intersection around Los Angeles.

While Linton’s mugshot images are unavailable as the authorities might not have had a chance to take one, her older images have already started circulating the web as you read this article.

She is being blamed for killing all the six people due to her negligence as she was reportedly face-timing her boyfriend at the crash. She was reported to be going over 100 miles an hour at the time of the accident.

Who Is Nicole Linton’s Boyfriend?

Nicole Linton’s boyfriend’s name has not come to the surface yet.

However, he might feel guilty for the accident and several people’s death as he unknowingly played an important part in the accident.

According to sources, Nicole & her boyfriend had a heated argument before the accident & she was on a face-time call with her boyfriend at the time of the crash.

Linton’s boyfriend has not yet provided his part of the story and remains anonymous as the police investigate the case. The police could contact him for his testimony in the case in the future.