Who Are Monette And Her Boyfriend John from ‘Addicted to Marriage’?

Monette and her boyfriend John from ‘Addicted to Marriage’ are not the highlight of the show after Monette revealed that she has been married 11 times already.

The incongruity being she is an expert wedding organizer herself. Having said that, this marriage darling has put her foot down with regards to securing the bunch the twelfth opportunity to her present beau, John!

In spite of the fact that her family is against the thought and her beau John himself isn’t too certain, there’s nothing halting Monette. Furthermore, she has started making elaborate arrangements to persuade John to wed her! The things individuals accomplish for affection. 

Very little data has been uncovered concerning what John’s calling is or his age, from what we know about her to-be spouse John is that he is truly interesting and has a brilliant comical inclination. Monette was reluctant to be on the show at first since John likes to mind his own business yet he put this element away.

Meet Monette And John Daughter On Instagram. 

Unfortunately,  Monette And John’s daughter’s identity is yet to be disclosed.

So, as of now, we are short on information data related to their daughter’s Instagram.

As they are still dating we believe that they are yet to welcome their daughter.

Are Monette And John Going To Get Married?

Monette And John may soon get married if everything goes well.

We must wait for a while to know the ending of their dating session. Hope they will soon have a happy ending.