Who Are Aluntra & Bryce From Prisoner Of Love? Age Gap Net Worth & Instagram – Are They Still Together?

Aluntra & Bryce are both reality tv stars of the fictional reality show prisoners of love in prison in the movie slow learners.

Aluntra is a couple of his love Bryce, and she is also a part of the fictional reality show prisoners of love. She fell in love twice.

Before falling in love with Bryce, she fell in love with Manuel, and it seemed very serious. As well, she fell in love with Michel, but he also left her.

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Who Are Aluntra & Bryce From Prisoner Of Love?

Aluntra and Bryce both are couples from the fictional reality show prisoners of love. Bryce is an inmate in prison. They both met through the matchmaker Chelsea Homes. Chelsea work as a matchmaker between the prisoner inmates and outside of prison people.

Aluntra later fell in love with Bryce. She decided to go and pick him up after being released from prison. Aluntra waited for years for her lover, Bryce, to release from prison.

After being released from prison, Bryce and Aluntra are now planning to wed, and after that, Bryce began working again to help their finance because Bryce has a low financial condition in his family.

Later, He again decides to leave the job and become self-employed. Bryce is making all this for her girlfriend Aluntra to make her happy. Furthermore, when Bryce is on budget, he wants to give a beautiful ring to her in which he wants to put her birthstone as the center stone.

On the one hand, Bryce tries to give her the best ring as a surprise, and on the other hand, Aluntra is trying her wedding dress which she never tried before. And then, a night earlier, Bryce’s family is taking them out to dinner to celebrate. According to Bryce, His family is proud and happy to have her there.

Now it’s the wedding day, and they are looking so happy. Aluntra waits years for this day. All this story was explained in a showcase tv channel that is Tvshowsace news in which you can see all their stories until this moment and future moment.

Aluntra & Bryce Age Gap

They are not on the Wikipedia page and IMDb rating page. As well, they haven’t disclosed any personal information to the public yet.

So we cannot state their exact age and age gap between them. They look so mature in their photographs.

Bryce might be in his late age of 40s, and Aluntra might be in her mid-age of 40s.

They disclosed their personal information yet. So we cannot calculate their exact age gap, but the approximate age gap between them might be four or five years.

Aluntra & Bryce Net Worth Revealed

Aluntra & Bryce hasn’t disclosed their exact net worth to the public yet. But Bryce’s financial condition looks so weak that we mention the above subheadings.

In the united states of America, reality show stars have an average net worth of more than $150k. But in Bryce’s condition is pretty hard to earn that much because he has been jailed for his work as a drug supplier.

Furthermore, they are spending their everyday life now without any illegal work. She has started his own business to have an average salary ranging from $15000 to $20000(approximately).

Are Aluntra & Bryce Still Together?

After their marriage, there is no publicity regarding their daily life and other financial conditions or divorce news yet, further, Due to the lack of information. We cannot state whether they are happy or not after getting married.

If you are willing to know about their relationship status after getting married. You can learn it from the latest news channel regarding their relationship status in the future.

Meet Aluntra & Bryce On Instagram

It looks like Aluntra & Bryce are not on Instagram accounts or any other social media like Facebook and Twitter publicly because we didn’t find them on social media.

They might have, but we are unable to get it.