Where Is Rita Marie Chatterton? Vince Mcmahon Assault On Female Referee Discussed As New Affair News Is Made Public

Rita Marie Chatterton has now retired from her career as a referee and is living in upstate New York as per various reports. Rita had accused WWE executive Vince McMahon of assaulting her.

Let’s find out more about Rita and her allegation against the biggest name in wrestling.

Even in the present scenario of modern times, it is rare to see female referees often; Rita was a referee in the 1980s, and she was the first-ever female referee in WWE history. Sadly, her career did not end nicely as it started creating history.

Rita is one of the biggest controversies in WWE history that went unresolved. Her name recently came into the limelight because of recent controversies about Vince’s affair and the hush money he spent to silence someone.

Where Is Rita Marie Chatterton Now?

Rita is probably now in New York, as per Ghana Fuo. Rita is the first female referee in WWE history; it is speculated that she might be the first in professional wrestling. She became a referee in the 80s, the period when women were not treated equally to men.

To date, she is respected for the genesis of an important change that was required in the wrestling industry. However, the treatment she received then might be not good because that ended her career abruptly.

She was also seen in the popular Geraldo Rivera’s show Now It Can Be Told on April 3, 1992. For her contribution, she was also awarded Trailblazer’s Award at the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2021.

As of now, she is not active, and it is rare that she is seen in public shows and events. She has been living her retired life free from all the limelight enjoying her personal life.

Vince Mcmahon Assault Details – Rita’s Assault Accusation

Vince McMahon has been a controversial figure for a long time, and one of the biggest controversies about him is that he allegedly raped Rita Marie. However, this allegation was never proven and is just an accusation to date.

As per Rita’s accusation, Vince and Rita were in the limo to discuss the contract; however, that did not happen, and something terrible happened. Vince forced her for oral sex, which she refused.

He then assaulted her as per her allegation; this incident took place on July 16, 1986. This case never saw the daylight in the court and it is somewhat forgotten now. After this, Rita also disappeared from the public.

There are other allegations against Vince too. Recently, 3 million dollar hush money has been found to be paid by Vince in order to hide his affair with some mysterious woman.

Vince Mcmahon New Affair Update

Recently, Vince’s personal life is under scrutiny after the news of his hush-money payment and nondisclosure agreement for affairs came into the limelight. He has been reported to have paid a WWE employee money to hide the affair.

He also signed NDA with an unknown person to hide his misconduct inside the office. The organization is conducting a thorough investigation about this matter, so more information can be expected soon.

The identity of the people with whom he had extra-marital affair has not been revealed yet. This allegation has resulted in massive backlash against him and WWE as a whole.

The internet has been swayed by this allegation as of now and Vince is trending on Twitter.