Where Is Oneil Cruz Today After The Car Crash Killed Three People?

Famous baseball player Oniel Cruz had a fatal accident for which he was even provided a jail sentence by the court. However, the athlete is now out of jail on bail.

Dominican professional baseball player Oneil Cruz played for the Pittsburgh Pirates while joining the Great Lakes Loons to start the 2017 season before making his MLB debut in 2021.

As an international free agency, Cruz agreed to a $950,000 signing bonus when joining the Los Angeles Dodgers in July 2015. Cruz finally made his professional debut in 2016 with DSL Dodgers 1, appearing in 55 games while batting.294 with 23 RBIs.

Cruz was optioned to Triple-A Indianapolis to start the year on March 29, 2022, following the announcement that he would not make the team out of Spring Training. He hit.333 with two home runs in five spring training games.

Where Is Oneil Cruz Today After The Accident?

According to Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Oneil Cruz’s bail was set at 2 million pesos ($34,000) during the court proceeding after the accident. In addition, he has a monthly court appearance requirement.

The top potential, however, was still very much in danger. He is speculated to be intoxicated at the time of the collision, but he was also driving after curfew, which was instituted to help stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading.

Cruz was involved in a fatal car accident in the Dominican Republic on September 22, 2020, in which three persons perished. Cruz avoided suffering significant injuries after the deadly tragedy.

An accident happened when Cruz was driving in the same direction as the motorcycle carrying the three dead, which was moving without lights.

Cruz did have one significant break, though. Cruz smelled like alcohol, according to a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, but no tests were conducted to establish whether or not he was intoxicated.

Oneil Cruz Is Convicted Of Charges And Jail Sentence

According to ESPN, Cruz was detained in jail by Dominican police on September 22, 2020, following a fatal crash around one in the morning.

This is not the first terrible accident involving a rising talent to occur in the MLB. The Kansas City Royals lost their ace Yordano Ventura in a vehicle accident just a few years prior, in 2017.

The St. Louis Cardinals lost youngster Oscar Tavares in another accident in 2014, a few years earlier. Authorities claim that Cruz was involved in an accident that resulted in the deaths of three persons.

The situation further degraded when it was revealed that Cruz allegedly drove while intoxicated on the opposite side of the road with the three people riding motorcycles with him.

Cruz currently faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for what happened. The following day, Cruz would have to appear in court. Cruz’s complete cooperation in the investigation is noteworthy.

Does Oneil Cruz Have A Baby With His Wife In His Family?

Oniel Cruz is yet to get married to a wife and have a baby of his own in his family as he is still young and at the beginning of his career.

Cruz does not currently have a spouse and keeps her love life and dating life private. Nothing is known about Cruz’s prior partnerships. Additionally, he is yet to experience parenthood.

Looking at his relationship timeline and dating history, Oniel is single and not dating anyone. Any facts regarding the well-known baseball players prior unions or engagements are unknown.

Cruz is silent about his live life because he appears to be focused on his career. The baseball player currently has no interest in a personal relationship because he is just concerned with his career.