Where Is Nicolle Wallace This Week? Is The MSNBC Journalist On Vacation?

After disappearing from the TV, fans are wondering where the MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is. Well, she is on a vacation for this week of 2022.

Nicolle Wallace is an eminent American TV host as well as an author. She is also the news anchor for MSNBC and the program, Deadline: White House.

Wallace formerly worked in politics and ran the ABC show, The View. She served at the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

Nicolle has also penned two outstanding books titled Eighteen Acres and It’s Classified.

Where Is Nicolle Wallace This Week 2022? Is She On Vacation?

As per a tweet, Nicolle Wallace is on vacation for this week (23 March onwards) of 2022.

Her son had a week off so, she planned to spend it bonding with him. She also wished her audience a nice week and stated that she will be back on Monday (28 March).

Wallace had not been off work for 7 days straight since the birth of her baby. But she took it in February of 2022 to recover from the COVID-19 and currently, to have quality time with her child.

Nicolle Wallace Health- What Happened To Her?

Nicolle Wallace tested positive for COVID-19 in February of 2022.

She had all the symptoms and she disappeared from TV to heal. She came back ‘OK’ and she resumed her job in MSNBC as an anchor and host.

Wallace’s health is perfectly fine and she has not reported any illness until the present moment.

Nicolle Wallace Husband- Who Is She Married To?

Nicolle Wallace was wedded to her ex-husband, Mark Wallace.

Mark is a businessman who formerly served as a diplomat and lawyer. He and Nicolle tied the knot in 2005 and remained married for 14 years.

However, the couple unyoked in 2019 without any chaos or drama.

Nicolle and Mark share a beautiful baby boy. They welcomed their first and only child in 2012 and they are co-parenting him.

Meet Nicolle Wallace On Twitter

Political advisor, Nicolle Wallace has accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

She had a verified account as @NicolleDWallace on Twitter. She shares trading tweets and garners more than 1.2 Million followers on it.

Wallace shows her presence on IG as @nicollewallace. She has 109K followers and most of her posts include photos of dogs.

Journalist: Nicolle Wallace Wikipedia Biography

Since Nicolle Wallace is an esteemed journalist, her bio is documented on Wikipedia.

She enrolled at Miramonte High School and graduated in 1990. She then earned a BA in mass communications from the University of California in Berkeley.

Nicolle also holds a master’s degree from Northwestern University. She started her journey as an on-air reporter followed by a press secretary of a governor.

Wallace served as a White House staff during George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. Likewise, she was a senior advisor during the 2008 presidential campaign of John McCain.

In 2014, Nicolle debuted on TV as a co-host of the talk show titled The View. Next, she steeped her foot on NBC and MSNBC as a political analyst.

Currently, Wallace is a news anchor for MSNBC and the show, Deadline: White House. Also, she is the author of Eighteen Acres and its sequel, It’s Classified.