Where Is Nathan Arenas Now? BunK’D Actor Age And TikTok Bio

Child actor Nathan Alejandro Arenas is from the United States. He made his acting debut in Bunk’d as Jorge, and since then he hasn’t looked back.

He has done a fantastic job of portraying several personalities in various genres.

Nathan has established himself as a versatile artist, working on everything from the crime drama Criminal Minds to the comedy series New Girl, the science fiction film Predator, and finally the amazing voice-over in the animated film We Bare Bears.

When They See Us, I Hate Kids, the Diary of the Future President, and other films and television shows are only a few of his other creations.

Where Is Nathan Arenas Now? BUNK’D actor In 2022

Following Bunk’d, the actor guest-starred in a number of well-known TV shows, including Shut Eye, Criminal Minds, and New Girl. Additionally, he took on a number of film roles, notably those in the comedies Wyrm and I Hate Kids.

Arenas then played Alex Kimball on ABC’s For The People for a continuous two seasons. The ABC legal drama, which is set in a federal court in New York, follows a team of attorneys as they take on some of the most high-profile, high-stakes cases in the nation.

Arenas discussed his involvement in the drama as well as his acting career in a conversation with Pop Culturalist.

Arenas claims that his experiences in Bunk’d made it simpler for him to represent Kimball. He reiterated that both characteristics were actually rather dissimilar. They both had big hearts and were naughty.

He has also become a social media celebrity and is active on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. He has amassed huge fans on all of these platforms.

How Old Is BUNK’D Actor Nathan Arenas? Age And Early Life

Nathan Arenas was born on September 30, 2005. This makes him 16 years old as of today.

Nathan Arenas developed a passion for performing at a young age. When he was just two years old, he enjoyed giving performances in front of his family and friends.

He attended Actors Giving Back, a celebrity-based talent development organization and acting school, where he acquired his acting skills. David DeLuise, the acting school’s founder and a well-known actor and director, gave him advice.

In 2015, he attended an audition for the Disney Channel show BUNK’D. In his very first audition, he was successful in getting the part of Jorge on the show. There have been two seasons of the program.

Nathan Arenas On TikTok

Nathan Arenas defines himself as a magician and a musician on his social media pages, including TikTok. He can be found under the username @nathanarenas on TikTok, which has 50.8k followers.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys drawing, reading, magic tricks, soccer, and swimming. When he gets the chance, he also enjoys going to the movies or the beach.

It’s well known that Nathan has a good sense of humor. Fans regard him as one of Disney’s top young actors.

He has excellent comedic timing because of his realistic acting and responses to circumstances.

He adheres to the notions of perseverance and self-confidence. He has a strong passion for learning new things, whether it is physics, painting, singing, or musical instruments.

Nathan Arenas Parents

He comes from a respectable family with Mexican ancestry. He has loving parents and currently resides with his mother, a younger sister, and several of their pets, including fish, chickens, and bunnies.

The name of his lovely mother is Alejandra. And Allyson Juliette, his younger sister, is an artist who also paints.

Eight-year-old Allyson’s most recent project was for the hit television program Grey’s Anatomy. Concerning his father, not much is known.

The young actor utilizes social media. His mother manages his social media profiles. His sister, Allyson Juliett, is also a child artist like Nathan.

Does Nathan Arenas Have Girlfriend?

Nathan Arenas is currently dating Aly Jade. She is very popular on social media accounts for making content.

Nathan often posts her pictures on his Instagram account. They talk about their realationship in great detail.

They also make cute videos together. He is active on Instagram under the username @thenathanarenas and has 412k followers.