Where Is Kirk Anderson Now? Joyce McKinney Victim – Wife And Family, Is He Still Alive?

Kirk Anderson is infamous all over the country for the Manacled Mormon case. The American beauty queen flew across the Atlantic to ‘kidnap her lover’. 

The Manacled Mormon case is also known as the Mormon sex in chains case was one of the most-talked cases. It was a reputed sexual assault and kidnapping of a young American Mormon missionary, Kirk Anderson

The American woman, Joyce McKinney kidnapped her lover in England in 1977. McKinney and her accomplice were never tried for these specific crimes because they skipped bail

They fled to the United States before the case could be tried and were not extradited. Anderson claimed that McKinney kidnapped him from the steps of a church meetinghouse, chained him to a bed, and raped him.

Where Is Joyce McKinney Victim Kirk Anderson Now?

Kirk Anderson now resides in Orem and has refused all requests from journalists. He as well as doesn’t talk about Morris.

Joyce McKinney’s victim Kirk doesn’t comment on the incident. Errol Morris’ documentary “Tabloid” has once again brought the Manacled Mormon case to light.

The film tells the story of McKinney and the infamous “Case of the Manacled Mormon,” in which McKinney was accused of kidnapping an LDS missionary in England in 1977

She chained him for three days forcing him to have sex. The former Wyoming beauty queen McKinney defended her name.

Joyce slammed tabloid and mainstream journalists she claims wronged her. She further talked about a lawsuit against the film’s producers.

Kirk Anderson Age Details

As per the age details of Kirk Anderson in 1977, he is currently 66-years old. He was 21 when he called the police and claimed that his kidnapper held a gun to his head and forced him into a car.

He claimed she drove him to a small cottage in Devon. She chained him “spread-eagled” to a bed and raped him for three days.

However, the alleged captor, Joyce McKinney, an American, told a different story. And the truth of the “manacled Mormon” case continues to pique people’s interest to this day.

Meet Kirk Anderson’s Wife: Family Details

Kirk Anderson is a married man and has kids, however, the details of his personal life remain a mystery.

McKinney claimed that Kirk Anderson was romantically involved with Joyce McKinney while he was living in Utah.

Anderson, according to the former Miss Wyoming, wanted to marry her. However, his church didn’t approve as she was not a Mormon, at which point he left without a trace.

He has maintained a safe distance from the media ever since the case.

Is Kirk Anderson Alive?

Kirk Anderson is reportedly a real estate agent now, as per the reports. He has again resurfaced in the headlines because of the documentary “Tabloid”.

Anderson liked to stay away from the media and limelight. He is living a low-key life with his family somewhere in the country.