Where Is Gangster Ahmed Banat Now 2022? Age Wife And Kids – Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

Ahmed Banat once had been on a run since his girlfriend was killed in a drive-by shooting. Learn about his whereabouts in 2022 and find out more about him. 

Ahmed Banat is on the list of one of Australia’s most wanted men. Followingly, he had been on the Interpol red flag list since he fled Australia in 2004.

New detectives flew to the Middle East to interview Banat. They also attempted to extradite him to Sydney early next year.

The man with a long list of criminal charges, Banat was also once the target of gunmen as he became a Crown witness in the 1998 murder trial of teenager Edward Lee.

Where Is Gangster Ahmed Banat Now 2022?

Ahmed Banat was found guilty of four counts of perverting the course of justice. At the present time, there is no information about him on the Internet.

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One of them was giving false statements and false evidence in court in relation to his wife’s killer, Mustapha Dib. He was found guilty of murdering Anita Vezina and wounding Banat with the intention to murder in a shooting at Punchbowl

Followingly, Ahmed was too found guilty of giving false evidence during Dib’s hearings in 2001 and a 2003 trial.

Banat has a scar on his neck from the fatal drive-by shooting. Dib walked free from jail as an appeal court acquitted him of all charges in 2016.

Ahmed Banat Age Details

Ahmed Banat is 44-years old, as of 2022. He was 32 when he was found guilty of giving false statements to the police.

During the sentencing, Banat told the Downing Centre District Court that he left Australia in 2004.

They took him into custody while crossing the border into Syria as his name came up on Interpol as a “red alert, kill crime”.

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Ahmed Banat Wife And Kids Details

Ahmed Banat was found guilty in the connection of murdering his wife, Anita Vrzina. She was pregnant with their child at the time.

Banat married a woman when he was out on a run, but the details about her remain a mystery. He has a son named Yassen with whom he fled to Jordan where he went into hiding.

Is Ahmed Banat Still In Prison? Learn If He Is Dead Or Alive

Ahmed Banat hasn’t been reported to be in prison but he is still alive in 2022. Attorney-General’s office spokesperson said that Banat was arrested on behalf of the NSW Police in 2010.

He had been found guilty of giving false evidence to the police in the case of his wife. Prior to his arrest in 2010, he avoided arrest in Denmark after allegedly being involved in a brawl.