Where is David Camm Now? Indiana Trooper Family Whereabouts Today

David Camm, after serving 13 years of sentence finally got free from behind the bar. Here is more information on the case for you to learn more.

David Ray Camm was convicted of murdering his wife and two children at their home in Georgetown, Indiana. The incident happened on September 28, 2000.

On October 24, 2013, David was announced not guilty of the multiple murders. He was finally released with a civil settlement of $450K as compensation.

Where is David Camm Now?

David Camm must be in his own house at Floyd County, Indiana, US. His story became interesting, to those channels that are telecasting true crimes.

The Discovery Channel is paying interest in his case, actually, one of the famous murders that happened in Southern Indiana. David had been convicted twice in the case.

The David Camm case is now being featured in “Unraveled: Experts on Trial” by the Discovery channel. The first episode will be called “Eight Tiny Specks of Blood.”

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It is a seven-part companion podcast series. The series examines the impact of expert testimony. In his case, blood spatter became the main piece of evidence.

In Camm’s case, the victim was named culprit and put behind the bar. He was there for 13 years. It must be traumatizing to go through what you do not deserve.

It is not fair for Camm to lose 13 years of his life behind the bar. Besides, he was the one who lost his family as well. The compensation of $450K is not just enough.

Murder Case of Kim and Kids- Update

On September 28, David came home after playing basketball with his friends to have some family time. He found his wife Kim and two kids, Jill and, Bradley were attacked.

It was around 9:20 pm. David was a former trooper of the Indiana State Police. He immediately called 911 for helped and said, “My wife and kids are dead.”

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They have been shot in the garage. His wife was found half-dressed on the floor of the blood pool. And his two kids were dead a the backseat of the Ford Bronco.

More on David Camm – Wikipedia Bio

David Camm is 57 years of age as of now. Investigators found 8 blood spatter on his shirt and, that was what made him a culprit and put him behind the bar.

David brought his lawyers, and with further investigation, they found a DNA match with Charles Boney. He accused David of getting the gun from him.

For the second time, David was convicted and sentenced. Later as time passed by, the investigation concluded Charles Boney as the murderer.

Watch the video here to learn more about the case. The case was complicated, and there was turbulence in the investigation and finding the killer.