Where Are Janell Black And Antone Black Now? Anton Black Maryland Parents – Age And Update 2022

Anton Black, was born to parents Janell Black And Antone Black. They have been in highlights after the incident of their son took place. Where are the parents right now?

Anton Black was a standout athlete at North Caroline High School. According to his father, Antone Black, he was one of the fastest boys in the state. His father adored watching his son run.

Anton had his entire life ahead of him, and he was open to all possibilities, from joining the military to pursuing his dreams of modeling and acting.

Some of his wishes were just starting to come true.

Anton had the opportunity to model for designers from California, Washington D.C., and New York during New York Fashion Week. When he finally landed a movie role, he rehearsed his lines with his father as a sounding board.

But Anton was never cast in his first film. He was killed before that happened.

Anton Black Maryland Parents Update 2022: Where Are Janell Black And Antone Black Now?

Anton Black was born to Antone Black, his father, and Janell Black, his mother. Currently, actual details about where his parents might are unknown as they are staying lowkey after the case.

A federal lawsuit has been filed in connection with the September 2018 killing of a Black teenager in a crowd on Maryland’s Eastern Shore during a struggle with police.

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The Coalition for Justice for Anton Black, Anton Black’s mother and father, Jennell and Antone Black, the mother of Anton’s sole adolescent, Katyra Boyce, and different parties have filed the motion on their behalf.

Body camera footage of Black’s interaction with the police does not definitively refute Black’s family’s claim that the police used excessive force on Black.

The medical consultants concluded that there was no evidence that the cops’ “restraint” had played a significant role in Black’s death.

Antone asserted that a reasonably priced jury “may reach more than one result,” referring to whether or not cops used relevant energy when dealing with Black.

How Old Was Anton Black Age?

Anton Black, was a 19-year-old aspiring model and actor when the incident happened. He was also a former North Carolina High School champion athlete.

According to Antone Black, his son was one of the state’s fastest children. His father relished the sight of his son running.

He had his entire life ahead of him and was open to all possibilities, including his dreams of modeling, acting, and becoming a member of the military.

Anton was invited to model for New York Fashion Week as well as for designers from New York, Washington, and California. When he finally got a movie part, he practiced his lines with his father as a sounding board on a regular basis.

However, Anton was unable to appear in his debut film. He was murdered before his dream became a reality.

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According to Ravenell and Black’s family, the cops involved were on top of Black’s body for at least six minutes, preventing him from breathing.

What Happened To Anton Black?

The mother and father of Anton Black will speak to host Lester Holt about their son’s death on Friday’s new episode of Dateline at 10/9c.

The Dateline episode focused on what happened to Anton as he was being taken into custody after being detained on his front porch by numerous cops and a passerby.

What Happened to Anton Black? is a one-hour documentary that looks into the warning signs in Greensboro, Maryland, where Thomas Webster, the officer, first pursued Black.

Webster was unaware that the two boys had known each other for years until he received a 911 call reporting Black dragging another boy down the highway.
In this method, Anton’s mother, father, and sister focus on how their son died after being detained on his front porch by Webster, two different cops, and a bystander.

Anton’s father had taught Holt that his son did not “attack” anyone or “rob a bank.”

The Dateline segment emphasizes the similarities between the deaths of George Floyd and Black, as well as the fact that the same chief medical expert investigated both cases.

Like Floyd, Black’s story touched many of the fault lines in America’s heated debate about police and inspired many to seek justice.