Whats Wrong With Paul Murray? Illness & Health – Is He Sick?

Paul Murray suffered a mystery health problem that ambulance is called to Sky News Australia Headquarter. Find out what had happened.

Murray is the radio and TV presenter based in Sydney, Australia. He was the former morning presenter on the 2UE show, A Sydney Morning.

In December 2013, after declining ratings for Murray’s show, it was announced he was leaving the 2UE and moving to Sky News full-time.

What’s Wrong With Paul Murray? Illness & Health

Paul Murray was born on July 14, 1978. He is 43 years old, and as per astrology, he is Cancer. He has been working with Sky News Australia.

He also got awarded Most Outstanding Performance by a Broadcast Journalist – ASTRA Awards in 2013. He has been featured on Wikipedia.

The presenter of Sky News Australia was absent from the program “Paul Murray Live” on Tuesday night, which could be due to his health conditions.

His program was scheduled at 9 pm after the Alan Jones, but he was nowhere near the studio. Based on TV Blackbox, at that time, an ambulance was called for him.

For the initial 15 minutes of Murray’s time slot, a news update was screened that was the usual cover for Sky News in the event of a personal or technical interruption.

Since Murray was not there, the program must be aired by another presenter Rita Panahi as a replacement to Murray. She is a political commentator.

Soon after she announced Murray’s health, his fans started asking about his condition and sending well wishes.

Is Paul Murray Sick Or Hospitalized?

It was not cleared if the ambulance was called to the station. There is no detail of the whereabouts at this point. We cannot say if he is hospitalized or on rest.

The network spoke person said he would be recovering for the next couple of days. But it is not clear when he would be resuming the show.

His sickness is not yet shared publicly. Hopefully, the TV presenter doesn’t have a severe health issue and wishes to be back on the program soon.

What is the Net Worth of the Presenter?

Paul Murray’s net worth was significantly increasing. It was estimated to be $1 million to $5 million. His salary has not been revealed yet.

His wife is Sian Murray, and they got married in 2008. He had a son, Leo Murray, who sadly passed away when he was just a day old in August 2012.

He was born prematurely. So he is taking care of his family too. His other assets are unknown.