What Was Tiffany Stewart’s Life Pursuit Before Her Marriage to Mark Cuban and How Much Is She Worth?

If you are well acquainted with the renowned American business mogul and investor Mark Cuban, then you would be happy to learn about his gorgeous wife, Tiffany Stewart. The business tycoon and billionaire investor is famous for being the owner of the popular basketball team, Dallas Mavericks. In addition to that, he is also one of the main investors who star in the ABC reality series, Shark Tank.

While Cuban has continued to be in the limelight, there are little or no details about his wife, Tiffany. Although the couple has been together for over two decades and counting, very little is known about Tiffany who prefers to keep herself shielded from media interest. It might interest you to know that Tiffany is also successful in her own rights; she was formerly working as an advertising executive but is now engaged with the job of keeping her billionaire husband’s affairs in order. Tiffany is also heavily involved with philanthropy.

Tiffany Stewart Had A Humble Beginning

Tiffany Stewart was born on the 1st of January 1970 to a middle-class home in the US. Stewart who had a humble beginning was raised alongside her sister, Jamie with whom she was often at loggerheads. In a bid to bring peace amongst her girls, Tiffany’s mom often told them to run around the compound three times, and eventually, while doing the run, Jamie and Tiffany would end up settling their dispute and often forget about their misunderstanding. Also, Tiffany has used this amazing bonding technique for her children.

She Worked As An Advert Executive Before Meeting Her Husband

Before her marriage to Cuban thrust her into the spotlight, Tiffany Stewart was already building a life for herself. She is an independent woman who has worked hard for every penny she had earned. Tiffany started her career working as a salesperson for an advertising company after graduating from school. She worked with the firm for a long time before meeting and falling in love with the billionaire. Despite having everything at her beck and call, Stewart maintained her job in the advertising agency where she later rose to executive cadre; she would later quit to dedicate her time instead to managing her spouse’s affairs.

More so, Tiffany Stewart is also known for her charitable heart. She has been involved with several donations to charity and is often regarded as a philanthropist. A typical example of her donations is the contributions of baby caps to Parkland Hospital. Also, she is a member of the board of the Mavs Foundation where they undertake various charitable ventures.

Her Height of Fame And Recent Pursuits

It is very obvious that getting married to one of the richest men in the world has catapulted the former advert executive to unprecedented fame as she now sits with the board of Mavs Foundation among other things. However, despite being thrown into a life of luxury, Tiffany Stewart still maintains that “next-door neighbor” persona and down-to-earth attitude which she is known by. Recently, she has been occupied with the job of keeping her billionaire husband grounded. Thanks to her mundane lifestyle and total lack of interest in the glittering world of the rich and famous, Mark Cuban’s wife has managed to evade the radar of the media.

When her spouse bought the 24,000 square-foot chateau just North of Dallas, she told The New York Times that she found the luxurious house to be “impractical” and prefers to keep her Honda instead of following an extravagant lifestyle.

Needless to mention that Tiffany Stewart’s fame would have experienced a greater boost if she had allowed her husband to run for the position of the “POTUS” as he has always wanted. According to what Cuban told Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times, his wife will always ask if he wanted to remain married anytime he broaches to the subject of running for the President Of The United States. Cuban is not sure if he will be able to change her mind in the future.

Mark Cuban’s Wife Has No Financial Worries

While her husband sits on a net worth of $3.7 billion, Tiffany Stewart’s financial worth is no way near the records. It is no doubt that on her own, she has built a career for herself and has paid her bills even before meeting Mark Cuban. Sources say that she rode a Honda car all through the period she dated the money king.

Also, in 2018, the couple was said to have purchased a mansion in Dallas, Texas for $14 million. That said, though Tiffany Stewart’s net worth is off the records, one thing is for sure, the wife of the Dallas Mavericks boss has no financial worries as she is comfortably buoyed by her husband’s wealth.

Tiffany Stewart Met Her Husband at a Dallas Gym

Stewart’s love story with Mark Cuban is an example of true love. Their meeting which according to Business Insider occurred at a gym in Dallas birthed a union that has spanned for over two decades and counting. After meeting for the first time at the gym in 1997, the two decided to build on the chemistry that spurred between them irrespective of the fact that Tiffany was way younger than the billionaire; the former advertising executive is fourteen years younger than Mark.

Tiffany Stewart’s husband, Mark Cuban is one of the familiar names in the nation. He is a business magnate who has been quite successful in the wheeling and dealing world of business. Many know him as the owner of the basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks but only a few know that he started off as a film producer. Cuban also owns the Landmark Cinemas and is a huge investor and the president of HDTV cable network AXS TV.

Interestingly, the lovebirds dated for 5 years before eventually taking their forever commitment vows on September 21, 2002. Many who expected an elaborate ceremony from the duo were quite disappointed as Tiffany and Cuban had a low key wedding with just 20 people in attendance at a beach in Barbados.

Many have admired their union which is credited with maturity and determination. Though the couple may have had several in-house marital crises, they made up their minds to respect their marital vows and are still together without any sign of divorce or separation.

The Couple Takes Care Not to Spoil Their Children

Their union has been blessed with three adorable children. Two daughters – Alexis Sofia born in 2003, and Alyssa born in 2007. Their son, Jake joined the family in 2010. The family looks super cute together in most of their uploaded pictures on their social media platform.

Tiffany Stewart has been very protective of her kids, shielding them from media attention. She has managed to accomplish this by keeping them separately at public functions; a good example is when she has to go to the Mavs games with her spouse, their children always sit with Tiffany’s parents at a safe distance to avoid unnecessary attention.

Their dad’s wealth notwithstanding, Stewart has always taken great care not to spoil her kids by encouraging them to imbibe a philanthropic disposition. Cuban’s wife has towed the same line of parenting as her own parents, getting her children involved in sorting through items like toys, clothes, or car seats to give away. On his own part, Cuban is in support of Tiffany’s parenting method; he considers himself “a geeky dad”, leveraging a “sneaky” approach in regulating his children’s use of technology which never fails to leave them frustrated.

The billionaire told Business Insider that they try to be as normal as possible with the children. They have their nanny come in when they are busy with other things like Saturday workouts or have a function to attend, but during the weekends, they personally get dinner ready and put their children to bed.