What Was Shaoni Mitra Death Cause? How Did She Die?

The death cause of Shaoni has not been revealed yet. However, the actress’s death cause was her poor health condition and seemed unhealthy for some days. 

The ongoing pandemic of COVID too had affected her health. 

The first-row theater actress left the world by following her father, Shambhu-Trupti Mitra’s footsteps. 

The news of the golden era actress’s demise was circulated after the burning. The actress had wished to hide her funeral, which her family followed. 

Shaoni Mitra Age- How Old Was She?

Born in 1947 in India, Shaoni spent her glorious seventy-four years on the planet.

The later actress took her last breath on Sunday morning. Her last ritual was performed this noon at the Sirity Mahashma. 

Born as a daughter of theater personalities, Sombhu Mitra and Tripti Mitra, Shaoni also had arts interests. Following her parents’ footsteps, she moved to the theater at an early age. 

By sixty-four, Shaoni had become the chairperson of Rabindra Shardhoshato Janmabarsha Udjapom Samiti.

Shaoni Mitra Husband & Children

No news regarding the late actress’s husband and children has come to the media. Shaoni had not disclosed any wedding pictures or made any information regarding her wedding on media.

All of the family members were present for her last rituals. The family might be in deep shock to lose the pillar of the family. 

Her family might be handling the stress of losing a family member at one edge and clarifying the media at the other edge.