What Is The ‘you don’t have this emoji’ Meme On Tiktok & How To Get The Triangle Emoji?

Another remark pattern is clearing TikTok recordings, with great many clients involving a dark emoji in remarks that say, “you don’t have this emoticon.” Here’s the means by which to use the emoticon that has been getting out and about.

TikTok watchers have can’t escape this craze of remarking on bizarre remarks in recordings. Try not to be stunned assuming that you’ve run over phrases like “crop,” “storytime,” or “you don’t have this emoticon.”

The latest thing seems to have assumed control over the site, and numerous clients are groaning about how terrible it has become for them.

What Is The ‘You Don’t Have This Emoji’ Meme On Tiktok This pattern has no evident importance, and it became viral content in 2022 when various people decided to jump into the act of remarking on exactly the same thing underneath every one of the recordings.

It’s a similar example as the “storytime” and “crop” remarks. Obscure started this pattern, yet others have been expanding it by remarking on each post similarly.

How To Get The Triangle Emoji? Gluing the emoticon and afterward adding [triangle] is one way to deal with getting the triangle emoticon. The emoticon will show up promptly once you press enter.

In any case, in any event, while following the methodology illustrated over, a few clients can’t see the emoticon. The fastest method for recovering the emoticon in this situation is to reorder it from another remark.

This strategy has been utilized by many individuals, and it has been demonstrated to be successful.