What Is Patrick Starr’s True Sexuality, How Did He Become Famous and What Is His Net Worth

The internet has made a lot of things possible. Apart from having access to a limitless amount of information, it has helped many to build their careers, especially in areas that require the attention of the public for the career to thrive. Patrick Starr is a beneficiary of this as he is an American beauty and make-up video blogger with several millions of YouTube subscribers. Without a doubt, he is one of the many celebrities who have the social media culture to thank for their fame and fortune.

Since he became well-known, questions about his sexuality and gender have been rife among his teeming fans. But none of that has slowed the YouTube star down in any way. He has continued to remain relevant, inspiring, and motivating many to make meaning out of their lives, just like he has done. Because of this, it is common to come across people wondering how Starr became a star.

This Is How Patrick Starr Rose to Fame

Even though he has come to be known as Patrick Starr, the makeup guru was named Patrick Sidney Simondac after he was born on the 11th of November 1989, to Filipino immigrants. Yeah, he is of Filipino descent and the oldest of three boys; his brothers are named Peter and Paul. Being a child prodigy, Patrick mastered the piano by the time he was twelve and was also a highly sought after piano tutor before he was 20.

In his teenage years, he began to develop an interest in photography also, and surprisingly, his love for make-up was sparked by his high school interest in photography. How did this happen? First, he got exceedingly interested in Photoshop and its ability to manipulate photos. Then he began to create photoshopped make-up designs on the computer. After high school, Patrick Starr began to turn all of these interests to earning opportunities, working as a hair and make-up artist, as well as a freelance photographer. He also worked at a MAC cosmetics shop while studying nursing in college.

Although Patrick had been making attempts at sharing his make-up interests on YouTube, his vlogging breakthrough came when he met a successful YouTuber named Talia Joy. At the time, Patrick had less than 20 YouTube subscribers while Talia had over one million. Although Talia’s area of vlogging interest was different (she was mainly motivational), she helped to put Patrick through on video editing and other YouTube success secrets she had used. Talia also helped to give visibility to Patrick Starr’s YouTube Channel, using her channel.

With over 4.45 million subscribers on her makeup, beauty, and lifestyle channel as of May 2020, it is apparent that blogging is one of the biggest sources of the wealth she has come to accumulate over the years.

His Net Worth and How He Made It

One thing is clear from the above biographical exposition of Patrick Starr; he has always been a very industrious fellow. His dad was an entrepreneur while his mom was a nine-to-fiver. By his testimony, he acquired the trait of diligence from his family. While he acquired the inclination for multitasking and creativity from his dad, he got the structured discipline from his mom. These attributes blended into one to make Patrick Starr a naturally restless worker and innovator all his life.

As a result of these traits, the YouTuber has over the years, built a business empire for himself. Based on his burgeoning YouTube popularity, he also does high-yield marketing for big cosmetic companies such as MAC, where he was once an employee. In his own right, Patrick owns a well-loved nail polish brand called Formula X. He has also done YouTube campaigns alongside big names like Kim Kardashian.

Although there is no figure of how much he earns from such collaborations just yet, Patrick garners an impressive amount yearly from high-brow wedding make-up consultancies around the US and beyond. All these are beside Patrick’s direct earning from Google via YouTube ads, which are reported to run into almost $250,000 annually. In addition to that, he earns as an actor. You will find the YouTuber in projects like 2011’s Nerdy Nummies, 2017’s The Naked Heat Road Trip, and 2019’s MAX & Chromeo: Checklist.

With all these and probably more sources of earning available to Patrick Starr, how much is he worth? Public records have revealed that the social media star could be worth as much as $1 million presently, but the amount is expected to go up in the future.

The Truth About His Sexuality 

Among many other things that people have shown interest in knowing about this YouTube star, his sexuality and gender take the lead. In addition to how good his makeup is, his physique and mannerism have left many wondering if he is only gay or has always been a woman with manly body features.

For those curious about Patrick Starr’s gender, the YouTube star has always identified as a male. This is obvious since he is still widely addressed with male personal pronouns. Another thing that demonstrates the truthfulness of Patrick being a male is the assertion on his YouTube About page where Starr proclaimed that he wants “boys in BeautY,” for people like him to take an active part in the makeup industry and not feel odd about it.

On questions regarding his sexuality, Patrick Starr is gay and very proud of his sexual orientation. While he has always been open when it comes to expressing his sexual identity, the social media star once disclosed that he had to work hard and prove himself as a fine, professional makeup artist, and show that the industry is not an outlet to be gay.

Sometime in 2016, news went viral that Patrick Starr and a fellow beauty blogger, Manny Guttierez (popularly known as Manny MUA) were getting married. However, it was later discovered that what seemed to be a wedding between the two famous beauty bloggers was only a marketing stunt to sell Patrick’s new wedding make-up series. Outside this media stunt, there is no record that Patrick Starr ever got married to anyone. Also, nothing is known about his love life apart from the fact that he is sexually attracted to people of his gender.