What Is Doja Cat And Noah Schnapp Drama On TikTok And Reddit: Accused Him Of Sharing Snaps

Doja Cat had a falling out with Stranger Things teen heartthrob Noah Schnapp after he revealed a private discussion. She made a DM to Noah suggesting to be put in touch with ST season 4’s handsome breakthrough star Joseph Quinn.

Doja Cat has now characterized Schnapp’s actions as “degrading,” “exploitative,” and “extremely humiliating” when a screenshot of their interaction was published in a deleted TikTok by Schnapp.

What Is Doja Cat And Noah Schnapp Drama On TikTok And Reddit?

Doja Cat went on TikTok live and calls out Noah Schnapp for sharing DMs without her permission.

Doja is seen in the texts asking, “Noah, can you tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up]?” Does he have a gf [girlfriend].” Schnapp jokes with her about “sliding into his DMs,” then sends her to Quinn’s Instagram account.

Doja expressed her interest in Quinn before contacting Schnapp about his matching services. When the new season of the hit program premiered, she tweeted, “Joseph Quinn is fine as s-t.”

However, things went wrong when Schnapp playfully shared his discussion with the rapper in a now-deleted TikTok video, disclosing the private messages she had written him with over 30 million admirers.

Doja, clearly irritated by the post, went live on TikTok on July 7 to complain about “the entire Noah Schnapp thing.”

“First, let’s take it easy,” she said. “To be fair, this is a youngster.” I don’t know how old Noah is, but he’s not even over 21.”

Schnapp, aged 17, is the show’s youngest original cast member.

“You make errors when you’re that young,” Doja said. “You do stupid stuff. I’m trying to be really fair. You say stupid things and ruin people’s lives. ”

“You make errors. You’re meant to do things like that so you don’t do them again. I’ve made my share of mistakes in order to avoid doing them again.”

“The fact that Noah did it,” the singer said. Going and posting private communication between myself and him is so socially inept and whack.

“I assumed he’d be OK about it, and he went ahead and disclosed stuff that I didn’t feel comfortable with him revealing.”

Doja Cat Accused Noah Schnapp Of Sharing Snaps

After Doja Cat’s accusation against Noah Schnapp, actor of “Stranger Things”, Noah apologized for releasing their DMs on TikTok last week.

The actor, who plays Will Byers in the smash Netflix series, claimed responsibility in a TikTok video he posted on Wednesday, set to a sped-up version of Doja Cat’s hit song “Kiss Me More.”

“Everything is OK, guys.” “I apologized and I still follow her and enjoy her music, no hard feelings,” the 17-year-old star stated in the video’s comments area.

Last week, the singer eviscerated Schnapp for labeling her “thirsty Doja” in a TikTok video. It also exposed the direct messages she sent him in an attempt to connect her with his “Stranger Things” co-star Joseph Quinn.

Although Schnapp erased the initial video, Doja attacked the celebrity on TikTok Live, accusing him of being a “borderline snake.”

Schnapp’s leak, according to the “Planet Her” singer, felt like a “strange power play,” and she had already spoken with him about it.

But that didn’t stop the 26-year-old musician from facing backlash on social media, as some commentators expressed their displeasure with her reaching out to and subsequently condemning a youngster.

 Doja Cat Lost Followers On Instagram

Though some of her followers still support Doja Cat, her followers on Instagram has decreased after her recent controversy with Noah Schnapp.

Many were surprised by the Grammy Award winner’s furious outburst, given Schnapp’s age and Doja’s history of open flirtation online.

She has freely acknowledged her feelings for Quinn in prior tweets. In fact, Schnapp’s since-deleted TikTok had a screenshot of Doja calling Quinn’s excellent looks “criminal” in a Twitter reply to a fan.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Doja said on her Livestream. “For example, I flirt with folks on the internet.” On the internet, I flirt with everyone. It’s really OK.”

“I didn’t warn him not to post it because you don’t expect people to do that,” she said.

Because it is not the norm. It’s literally not cool or normal. Yeah, I’m a little upset and disappointed. It isn’t that profound. It’s simply disappointing.”

Despite this, relatively few people are siding with Doja. Twitter is flooded with comments, the majority of which criticize Doja’s choice to message Schnapp in the first place.