What Is December 3rd National Day On TikTok And Urban Dictionary?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform where it is really easy for something to get overnight appreciation.

There is no denying how the TikTok community has been dominated by the music industry. The TikTok trends consistently feature songs from the late 80s and 90s, whether it be the most recent music or older tunes.

3rd December is considered National Disability Day, however, it has become another trend on TikTok for other reasons. It has been going viral for some years now and TikTok users eagerly wait for December to post something on their profile related to 3rd December.

What Does December 3rd Mean On TikTok?

The December 3rd National Day on TikTok is related to a song that is played in the background of all the viral videos.

The December 3rd videos on TikTok feature a Conan Gray song named Heather, according to Heather is a metaphor for “like a popular girl in a movie.” The phrase “Heather” is frequently used on the app, and the trend has been spreading virally for many years.

To better understand the metaphor and December 3rd Tiktok, the lyrics have to be closely monitored. The first line of the song goes like this: ‘I still remember third of December, Me in your sweater, you said it looked better, On me, more than it did you, only if you knew, How much I liked you, but I watch your eyes.

The first line refers to December, the month from which the December 3rd trend first emerged. Then sweaters are brought up. People can tell that the song is about someone who is yearning for their crush on December 3rd by carefully listening to it.

Everyone on TikTok is now discussing how they want to fall in love on that date. TikTok users are expecting that on December 3, just like in the song, their crush would give them a sweater.

If someone has not discovered their true love in 2022 yet, don’t worry; it may be on the way. Today, December 3 is a day for proposing to a crush, getting asked out, and falling in love, and this pattern keeps coming back.

People may have diverse plans for December 3rd, such as giving their crush a sweater or simply hoping that their crush will fall in love with them.

December 3rd On TikTok

People follow December 3rd trend on TikTok differently as it depends on a person how they want to embrace this day.

Some just enjoy the song and perform their dances, while some people just post the lyrics and mention how they have not received a sweater from their crush or anybody else.

One particular TikTok user posted the December 3rd TikTok on his official account and mentioned that he had not yet received a sweater even if it was already December. Thus, he decided to get a sweater himself as he did not get the opportunity to receive it from someone special.

Another TikTok user mentioned that the song ends on a sad note, and she does not want to be Conan. She wants to become Heather as Conan’s lover likes someone else. According to her, Conan is unhappy at the end of the song as he does not get to be his lover. People want sweaters on December 3rd, but the song’s scenario says something different.

Most people on the platform follow the trend by asking for sweaters from their special person and wanting to find someone to fall in love with.