What Happened With Bear Brown And Raiven? Why Did Raiven And Bear Break up?

Bear Brown and Raven initially got engaged in August 2019 but called it off just two weeks later.

“Raiven and I have made the difficult decision to part ways as a couple,” Bear revealed in a statement at the time. “She is a wonderful person and I will always care for her.

Why Did Raiven And Bear Break up?
Bear, 34 and Raiven, 23 suffered a toxic relationship through their on-off romance.

Raiven took to her Instagram to explain that Bear was unable to provide a happy home and so she and River left to find a positive, healthy one.

On her TikTok account, Raiven answered fan questions and revealed that she only decided to get back together with Bear the last time to provide her baby with a two-parent household.

The Alaskan Bush People stars, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams tied the knot on Sunday, January 16 of 2022.

News of the reality television couple’s nuptials follows years of ups and downs in their relationship.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown are co-stars on Alaskan Bush People, which premiered in May of 2014.

Raiven gave birth to River Brown on March 9, 2020.