What Happened To Todd Gurley? Is He Sick? 

No, Todd Gurley isn’t sick now, and the rumours appear to be false.

Recently, discussions regarding NFL teams regretting to pay a considerable sum to run backs are going on.

Amidst the controversy, Todd Gurley makes rounds, for he is also a running back.

However, the footballer isn’t having problems with his health in the meantime.

In any case, the latest tweet of the player may have prompted the netizens to worry about Todd’s health.

Gurley wrote about how crazy a human life is that only limited people care for us when we are around.

However, if we happen to leave the world now, several people come forward to talk about you.

Previously, Todd suffered from injuries which led him to miss three games in 2013.

What’s Wrong With The RB? 

Thus far, we are haven’t received any exclusive news about Todd Gurley.

We pray we don’t get the chance to hear something terrible in any case.

But we would love to hear exclusive good news about the prominent running back.

Todd Gurley Age and Height

The running back Todd Gurley’s age turned precisely 27 years four months ago.

Todd celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of August every passing year.

Speaking of Todd Gurley’s height, he stands at the tallness of 6 feet 1 inch, i.e., 185 cm.

Whereas, at the height of 6 feet 1 inch, he maintains a weight of 101 kg.

The American player is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Running Back Todd Gurley Bio Explored

The prominent player Todd Gurley’s bio is at one’s fingertips in the public domain.

Apart from Wikipedia, we can get insights from his self-titled site.

He was drafted with the tenth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams.

He has bagged several coveted honours and awards in his career to this day.

Todd won the 2017 and 2015 NFL Offensive Player of The Year Award.

Speaking of Todd Gurley’s net worth, it is estimated to be at least $15 million.

Follow Todd Gurley On Twitter

Any one of us can follow Todd Gurley on Twitter under the username TG3II.

The religious user of the platform has gained over 712k followers thus far.

Likewise, the running back is comparatively more successful on Instagram in terms of followers.

On Instagram, Todd Gurley has garnered a massive number of followers of 1.7 million.