What Happened To Scotty Cranmer? BMX Accident And Crash, How Is He Doing?

Scotty Cranmer, a 35-year-old BMX rider from America, was in serious condition at a Las Vegas hospital after a head-first crash off his bike on October 12. The BMX rider, Scotty Cranmer, was involved in an unfortunate accident that severely impacted his life.

Scotty Cranmer had a spinal cord injury during a workout on October 12, 2016. After landing a stunt on his bike, he drove into a hole in the ground, flipped over, and landed on his head. Despite wearing a helmet, he hurt his skull and part of his vertebrae.

He made a slight improvement and has been mostly able-bodied since, but he was still partially paralyzed as of 2020. While he can do some basic tricks on a BMX bike and rides a bike for fun and fitness, he no longer competes in BMX.

Doctors have determined that he is robust and stable enough for vertebroplasty surgery. A lot of things are still up in the air at this time.

What Happened To Scotty Cranmer? BMX Accident and Crash

Scotty Cranmer faced a painful accident after his BMX crashed and was in very critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital.

Cranmer “caught his front tire in a hole, catapulting him into a head plant without time to be able to get his hands in front of him,” according to TW RIDE BMX. Several facial fractures, brain bleeding, and vertebral injuries to his C4 and C5 vertebrae were reported.

His wife and father were flown to Las Vegas to be at his side, courtesy of the assistance of Road2Recovery, which has launched a contribution drive here. Cranmer “is awake, he is answering questions appropriately, and he is able to move,” according to TW RIDE BMX’s Ryan Fudger.

Find Out How Old Is Scotty Cranmer: Age Explored

Scotty Cranmer is currently aged 35 years old and was born in the year 1987. He is of American nationality.

He shares the most X Games BMX Park titles with Dave Mirra, with nine titles during fourteen appearances. Jackson Memorial High School was his alma mater.

The rider operates SC Action Sports Bicycle Shop in Howell, New Jersey. He is also well-known for his YouTube channel, Scotty Cranmer, where he creates movies with his pals riding skateparks, driving vehicles, and playing games whilst riding their bikes.